Monday, September 13, 2010

HARD DRIVIN' MAN: Do you REALLY like Alpha men?

With the release of my new contemporary Texas western today, I am asking the musical question, how well do you really like hard drivin' men? Yep. The Alpha kind in many romances.
Are they too hard to handle or can you ever get a grip on them?
Here's a man in this novella, I'd love to get my hands on.
And he has a real mission in life: to get the woman of his dreams.
Now that is the kind of man who can put his boots under my bed. ANY TIME.
HARD DRIVIN' MAN is a release at . Next week, I have another Texas man for you at total-e. He's a Texas Ranger, in ONE TOUGH HOMBRE. Come back to nibble that, but now, here is a taste of my HARD DRIVIN' MAN.

HARD DRIVIN’ MAN, my newest over at, reflects my love of Texas men. Come see if you like this one. He’s rancher with the hots for the gal next door who has always been rather elusive. And now?
Here’s a nibble of my newest cherry:

Jessica shoved the gear shift of her ten-year-old pick-up into ‘Park’ and sat staring at the bright red door of Trey Hardwick’s sprawling Texas ranch house. Though her young brother-in-law had arrived home here on leave from the Army two weeks ago, she hadn’t come over to visit. Couldn’t. Even though Trey had asked her to come to dinner last Friday, she had refused, not risking the chance she’d reveal to him how foolishly she craved his kiss-me-quick six-foot-six wall of masculinity in her bed. Inside her body.
Stop it, Jess. Your appetite for him is a widow’s hunger. Born in minutes of shared laughter with him over the decades. Born in moments when you thought he understood you better than Clint ever did. Killed by common sense, your age difference—and your decision to never seek another man to love.
She inhaled, summoning the courage she’d corralled back home this morning. This appeal would have been easier if she could have approached the ranch foreman hired by Trey and his dad years ago to run the place. But it wasn’t friendly Frank Harmon she had to face this morning. Damn it.
She flicked off the ignition and threw her keys on the dash. She hadn’t been to the Rocking H in nearly a year. Not since her father-in-law, Taylor Hardwick’s, wake. Still, she marvelled that the rambling Hardwick homestead looked as fresh as it had when she’d first seen it as a teenager. Then she’d been young, so very young, and so much more na├»ve about how life would treat her. How she’d treat life. She’d had hope then. In love with the high school quarterback, she’d been honoured and amazed that Clint Hardwick loved her back. That the second son of the legendary Hardwick dynasty wanted her as his bride. Claimed her for himself before any other boy could. And Jess had welcomed Clint’s proposal. Needed him. Wanted him.
She snorted. And look how well that turned out.
She reached across the seat for her summer straw Stetson and jammed it on over her pony tail. But vanity and pride had her straining up to check out her face in the rear-view mirror. What she saw made her frown and question her simple approach. No make-up, no cleavage showing for the hunky specimen most females in town would drop their panties for. Is this the way to win Trey over? Or a sure way to fail?
She squinted at her reflection. The lines around her eyes came from years of sun-drying her skin as she rustled cattle on the range. Her lips, still full and pink, didn’t widen in laughter often. True, her cheeks were high and elegant, but her green eyes showed the weary strength of running her ranch alone since Clint’s death three years ago. She’d come far since then, freed from worry when she no longer had to worry each day about Clint’s preference for bourbon over her.
Forget that! She snapped away from her image. Ask for Trey’s help now—or never! On a small cry, she thrust open the cab door, slid down out of the truck and slammed the door.
Palms running down her denim-clad thighs, she strode up the circular drive towards Trey’s house. And what she needed.
What she had to have to survive.
And Trey, Clint’s younger brother, had to give it to her. Didn’t he?
She knocked. Folded her arms. Tapped her toe. Dug the heel of her boot into the floorboard.
No answer.
She tried again, banging the big brass knocker against the sturdy red wood with loud purpose.
“Hey, hey!” She heard Trey yelling from inside. “I’m here, Jess!” He swung the door wide.
She stood there, glued to the porch like a stunned kitten, looking up at the black-haired giant whose umber come-to-daddy eyes could melt a girl at twenty yards and make her mush at this distance. Jess had to swallow back all the desire that pooled in her mouth at the sight of the way his shoulders filled the doorway and the way his full lips curved to smile down at her.
“Come on in, honey.” He reached for her with one big hand and pulled her through the doorway right into his massive arms. “God, it is good to see you.”
(copyright 2010, Cerise Deland. All rights reserved.)


  1. Beautiful cover Cerise. This new series sounds really exciting!
    XXOO Kat

  2. Pretty amazing excerpt and cover! I do so enjoy alpha males!

  3. I like Alphas too. Have myself one at home. And over the years, he has softened his edges...but only on some issues.
    On some however, like money, cars and tools, he is one hard, determined, no nonsense kind of guy.
    Since I do not care (too) much about money (although I made my living in a financial services corporation and lobbying group in Washington), and I like my convertible (thank you which hubbie keeps in tip top shape), we WORK together.

  4. Lovely cover Cerise, mouth watering excerpt.




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