Sunday, August 15, 2010

WHENEVER WE MEET--how did you meet your significant other?

How did you meet your significant other? Or did you meet in odd circumstances?
Mine, I met through a mutual friend in grad school, who for ONE solid YEAR said, "you must meet this guy! He's fab! So you!" And the guy? Kept saying as I did, "Ah, no. Not my type."
Here we are. Many decades later!
Definitely my type.
This cover?
About two people who meet and know immediately they have a thing going on. He's a hotel magnate. She's his interior designer for a new chain of hotels. The setting is romantic Guadalajara Mexico and inland to the mountains which are breath-taking.
Can we go now???
This book? Out Friday, August 20 over at EC.
Ciao, bella.


  1. Met my hubby at a military base dance. Knew right away he was "the one", but it took him two months to figure it out for himself! Still together for almost 40 years. Love at first sight happens!

  2. The first time I saw my husband was when he fell out of a chair at a party! Not the best first impression! A few months later, we were formally introduced and we ended up talking for hours. We went out on one date before he moved into my apartment. 9 weeks later we got married. We celebrate our 24th anniversary in January. It may not have been love at first sight but it was definitely whirlwind once we got together!!

  3. Nice cover! Nice story! Hubby and I met at summer camp. I was a camper, he was a junior counselor.

  4. Cerise, I love your cover and the story line! It sounds so romantic.
    My husband and went to the same high school and art college but we continually missed seeing the other. I fell in love with his art work, which I saw in galleries and but keep missing him for several years until a friend introduced us at a graduation a party...I definitely got that bolt of lightening "this is the one" feeling once we made eye contact. 28 years and counting...
    XXOO Kat

  5. Thanks for the kudos on the cover of this book!
    Great art work over at EC!
    Talented people who do justice to a romance.
    WHENEVER WE MEET is definitely a romance! Fits their new married love line!


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