Thursday, August 12, 2010

Treasuring Evie

Treasuring Evie released yesterday at Ellora’s Cave!

I wrote a version of the first chapter of this story years ago, on paper with a pencil! I tried it again last year, on the computer this time, in between writing Ageless Desires and Oasis of Pleasure and it wouldn’t flow, so I saved it and moved on. A few months ago, I had a vivid dream about Matt and the scene at the lake – you’ll have to read the book for clarification – and I had no trouble writing Treasuring Evie! He’s actually a guy from my past that I’d completely forgotten about.

When I was growing up, my family spent a month each summer at various cottages in different parts of northern Michigan. Sometimes we were in more touristy areas, other times we were way up in the Upper Peninsula, cut off from modern civilization. One of the summers when I was in high school, I think it was the one between my sophomore and junior year (but that’s not critical to this story except to place me firmly in teenage angst/hormonal-ville) we were secluded in the U.P. My older brother and I are less than a year apart in age and have always been very close. We were both miserable being away from our friends, a telephone, a TV, a stereo and having way too much time with our parents and bratty little brother. Mom and Dad were more than happy to hand over the car keys and let us go off on our own.

Just like Evie, I saw “Matt” for the first time stopped next to us at a stoplight. He smiled and winked at me. I saw him coming out of a store one time, another time I remember him leaning against a pole across the street from the laundry mat and he tilted his head in recognition of me and smiled a killer grin. It got to a point where I saw him every time we were in town. He was hotty hotness and I spent hours daydreaming about him.

The night before we were going home, we went to this huge party. There were a ton of kids there, it was way deep in the woods, giant bon fire, radios blasting, lots of beer, (yes I know we were under age but what can I say, I’m trying to keep it real). One moment I was chatting with a bunch of girls, the next, I thought I was going to faint when I saw “Matt”, leaning casually against the side of his car, all shirtless, tight, worn blue jeans, barefoot guy! He motioned for me to come over. I stood rooted to the spot, heart racing, fighting an internal battle for courage. I had taken a couple steps in his direction when my brother came over and said we were leaving, now. His tone left no room for argument.

I found out later that “Matt” had pointed me out to the group of guys my brother was with and had articulated his plans of seduction! My brother lectured me the whole way back to the cottage about the evils of older men – he’d found out “Matt” was 20. My fantasies became even hotter knowing this guy actually lusted after my person!

Treasuring Evie is NOT about teenagers but was inspired by my memories of the intensity of those emotions and fantasies.


  1. What?! (fanning my face) Where's the rest of this post? I want to hear about what happened with Matt!!
    I'll buy Treasuring Evie read and deduce... lol
    XXOO Kat
    PS I don't believe for a moment that you "completely forgot" about this man from your past! lol

  2. Seriously, I had forgotten about this, Kat! I never actually talked to the guy! And I was young and naive and wouldn't have known what to do with him if I got him!! But now that I'm old and jaded, I was able to cook up what might happen between two adults with lust at first sight!!

  3. What a great story! I'm glad you've immortalized him in words!

  4. Big brother saved his little sister from...whatever might have happened! See? We DO write what we know, and use incidents from our past to create interesting events in our books!

  5. Marianne- I was thinking about your blog as I wrote mine!!! Real life experiences, personal fantasies and dreams are a huge part of my books!


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