Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Google Alerts

About a year ago two authors suggested I set up google alerts on my writing name so I would be alerted when my name appeared on any websites. Mind you these two authors are BIG time published and don’t have to worry too much about piracy. Their suggestions were for when reviews pop up.
I set up my alerts and when I did I set up for my real name and the name I had while married to my ex. I’d written under both and thought it might be useful. Turns out it was. I learned of an interview I did a few years ago on long distance relationships was finally published in a magazine – how cool.
A few weeks ago I received an alert on my former name that for the sake of anominity I’ll use Jane Doe. Turns out Jane Doe had died. Mind you she was 78 years old and died of natural causes. But for days I received alerts on her obituary, funeral arrangements and such. It was kind of creepy to see my former name listed as decease.
Just this morning I received another alert for Jane Doe. She was brutally murdered and her killer was at large. This struck a cord with me. My ex was very abusive and for a long time I feared he would kill me. Even years after I left him I feared him. So to see this brought back a lot of emotions for me. One was how thrilled I am to be alive and in a healthy happy relationship. I’m also blessed to be in a career I love – writer.
I’ve also learned when my books are up on those pirate sites, usually an hour after they’ve been released. This is frustrating for writers because they’re taking away from our already LOW income. Another alert that came this morning was of my not-so-great review of Submit With Me. To the reviewers credit she said this would not stop her from reading any future books from me because she has enjoyed my books thus far.
Google alerts are great most of the time, but lately it’s freakin’ me out to see that one name associated with death and murder.
Have you ever had any crazy google alerts?
Til next week!


  1. I love the synchronicity of the alerts. I think it was a punctuation mark telling you that you were in the final stages of healing or letting go. You're on a different track now, where those events won't even touch you.
    I received a Google alert in July that I had died in a city just north of me "Surrounded by my grandchildren" at the age of 87. Somehow that pleased me. I didn't know Google did future alerts as well.
    XXOO Kat

  2. Oh boy...that would be the best way to go. :)

  3. Amber - I don't do google alerts, too distracting and too worrisome. What a weird experience for you.

  4. Yes, very strange Julia. I guess I shouldn't.

  5. Wow, that would be so cool to get an alert telling me I'd (well, a fellow namesake of me anyway) been killed and my murderer was at large. Then again, if it was the Terminator killing every other Linda Kage out there, that might not be so cool!

    I mostly get alerts from my own sites whenever I blog and such. Though I have received two updates that piracy sites have downloaded my stories. Unless the "Underground Forum" site is also a piracy site(then I've received more than two). I can't figure out what they're doing with my story yet because I refused to get an account there and log in to find out.

    Wonderful post. Thanks!

  6. HI... I know this is going to sound weird but all the Jane Doe stuff showing up sounds like a sign to me. Like it is a way of verifying to you that everything you have done since then has been the right thing and that if you had stayed on that track what would have happenned. I hope that doesn't sound bad or upset you, because in NO WAY is a abbusive spouse your fault. But I would take it as a sign from the powers that be that you are on the right track. By the way Amber your books look awesome and I have them on my book list and you on my author list. And just incase you didn't like the post I left my email.



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