Wednesday, August 18, 2010

An Excerpt from "Treasuring Evie"

Boasting comes first. It’s been another great week for book reviews. Judith at Book Binge gave “Owned By Rome” a beautifully written in depth review that left me feeling grateful I wrote the book. 
I finally turned in my Christmas WIP Saturday night and immediately started a new WIP that’s really going to be fun and I can’t wait to talk about it because it’s not just about me…
I also have a treat here’s an excerpt from Tessie Bradford’s latest book “Treasuring Evie” Enjoy!
Evie slowly treaded water as she watched the last streaks of sunlight dip below the horizon. The still water was incredibly soothing to her tired muscles and frazzled nerves. Her home on the lake was her personal slice of heaven and she had worked hard to earn it. Thirteen years of slaving in a boring office during the day and painting long into the nights while saving every dime possible had finally paid off when she bought Northern Treasures and joyfully left the rat race behind. Of course, there had been a cost associated with her single-minded purpose and that had been her marriage. Bob had waited nine years before demonstrating he didn’t share her vision by up and leaving with his personal assistant when Evie’s goal had been within arm’s reach. But that was a long time ago and she loved her life now.

She dove down beneath the dark surface of the lake and swam until she had no more breath in her lungs. Evie didn’t believe in regrets and rehashing old mistakes, so what was her problem tonight? The vision of Matt Carstead in all of his goodness filled her mind. Why couldn’t she get him out of her head? It wasn’t as if she hadn’t seen a guy like him before; the movies were full of them. But it was so much more than his looks. He wore strength and confidence like a second skin. And never in her life had anyone reacted to her art the way he had. Did one painting truly say so much about her?

Evie came up for air and was shocked to see that she was firmly surrounded by night. The moon provided little illumination through the clouds. How had she gotten so wrapped up in her thoughts? She was now alone, in the water, in the dark. Calling herself every kind of idiot, she quickly swam until the water was shallow enough for her to stand and walk the short distance over to her dock. She grabbed the towel she had left at the ready and started rubbing the water from her hair as she moved out of the lake.

A strange feeling of anticipation and something else she couldn’t identify prickled along her nerve endings, causing her to stop mid-rub, to squint through the darkness. She froze in place at the discovery of a large, hidden-in-shadows figure sitting in one of her lawn chairs. Despite the massive adrenaline rush brought on by stark terror, Evie had the good sense to cover her naked body.


Matt sat in a lawn chair by the fire pit, scanning the surface of the lake, waiting for Evelyn to come up for air. The full moon peeked out around the gathering clouds enough for him to see her when her head bobbed above the water, but he became wary when she kept disappearing underneath. Didn’t she know better than to swim alone at night? They were going to discuss this very serious lack of good judgment after he finished making love to her until she screamed his name.

He had been catching glimpses of her around town since his arrival three weeks ago and each time he saw her, he hardened like a teenager. With her wavy auburn hair and luscious womanly curves, she was his fantasy woman in the flesh. She moved with a natural sexy sway to her hips and always seemed to be smiling.

It had to have been divine intervention when she pulled up next to him at that traffic light. With practiced ease he had followed her until she parked at Northern Treasures. One cup of coffee and a casual chat with the friendly waitress and the elderly woman seated at the counter at the diner down the street had garnered him the information he’d hoped for and more. Evelyn had owned the business for six years and was extremely well-liked around town. She was a successful artist who supported other artists and crafts people in the area. When the waitress went on to explain how Evie was divorced and lived alone on Miller Lake, he’d not been happy. He understood life was fundamentally different in a small town, but criminals and perverts weren’t exclusively city dwellers. He’d tactfully stopped the woman from revealing anything more, left a large tip and headed straight to the store.

The moonlight watercolor in the front window had instantly drawn his attention, and his gut told him Evelyn Ashlyn was the creator of the work. Watching her reactions as he discussed the piece confirmed her as the painter, but why she hadn’t admitted to it was a bit of a mystery. What was crystal clear, however, was how there was something about this naturally beautiful, artistic, breath-of-fresh-air woman that intrigued him beyond belief and he had no intention of fighting the fact that fate had thrown them together.

“Christ almighty,” Matt groaned when Evie stood up out of the water. Mercifully, the clouds broke in front of the moon just in time for him to follow every rise and fall of her breasts as she dried her hair. His pulse pounded in his cock at the sight of her gloriously nude body and his mind raced with every decadent thing he planned to do with her. The moment her actions signaled the fact she knew he was there, he stood and walked slowly down the yard toward her.
Tessie Bradford’s “Treasuring Evie” is available now from Ellora’s Cave Quickies!


  1. Great review! Thanks for the tasty treat from Treasuring Evie. :)

  2. Kat, congrats on the wonderful review! And thanks for posting an excerpt from Treasuring Evie!!

  3. Moonlight swim, anyone? Preferably with Matt?
    Nice visual excerpt!


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