Thursday, August 12, 2010

Daughters of Persephone - First Review

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LynnMarie’s Review

I’ve read other books by Julia Barrett, so I was eager to start Daughters of Persephone. I commend Ms. Barrett for the time and devotion in creating a realistic sci-fi world with its own terms and rules. You are pulled into the realism of a new world and kept there by the larger than life characters.

In book one, we meet Aja and Kyr. Their romance is sweet and humorous, both knowing they’d found their mate from their first encounter. Aja is a daughter of The Blood, a race of women developed long ago on Earth and since descended from Persephone. They have unique abilities and can defeat a male with their eyes closed. Kyr is captain and responsible for Aja’s safe delivery in a time of political unrest.

In book two, Aja’s sister, Ennat, and Kyr’s brother, Karna are the focus. Ennat has the same mahogany hair and grey eyes of her sister, but she’s stronger, ready to fight and kill whenever necessary. Her relationship with Karna is sexy and playful. They challenge each other, but can’t deny their desire. Once they take the step to join their blood, their fate is sealed, joining them together forever.

There is a lot of politics in this book which can be a bit heavy at times. However, the dialogue, humor and developing romances keep the reader’s interest. The entire book was consistent and followed the rules created by the author early on in the book. The two Daughters of Persephone are ready to take on their evil father in hopes to bring peace and stability to the world. We learn a little of a third sister, but only meet her briefly. Each woman would easily give up their lives for their cause, or for their mates.

If you enjoy a complex and engaging sci-fi read with kick-ass heroines and steamy romance, escape into Julia Barrett’s new world in Daughters of Persephone.


  1. Congratulations Julia on your first great review! I hope Daughters of Persephone introduces you to a whole new crowd of readers.
    XXOO Kat

  2. YEA, Julia...great review!


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