Saturday, July 3, 2010

Woman on Fire just got contracted!

Woman on Fire

Coming Soon from Ellora's Cave

I have definitely always had a "thing" for hot Native American guys, ever since I was a kid. I lived in a small town smack dab in the middle of a whole passel of reservations, and a good number of my pals were NA. My next door neighbor told me his dad was a chief...and I thought he was pulling my leg. Found out later he wasn't.

A lot of young NA's left the res to find good jobs, not satisfied to remain at home with mom and pop, and almost every NA kid I knew was going to the county schools rather than to the res schools. Many worked hauling ore from the copper mines, or working on the railroad.

I cheered on the Indians in all the cowboy movies. I thought Tonto was damn hot. They didn't give him many lines, but I had a mad crush on him. And so, when I was young and impressionable, I loved to write love stories involving NA guys and pale face gals.

So last year, when I was fishing through all my old manuscripts, looking for something to spruce up for the 21st Century and submit, I dug out several of my NA writings, and started getting them ready. I thought I was doing something new. HAH! As soon as I subbed this one, I realized that there were about ten NA stories on the "coming soon" lists. Sheesh. Like I said...there is never "something new" to write about.

Here is the blurb for Woman on Fire.

Woman On Fire

Fran Lee

Azrael Thunder Horse never thought he would ever see another white woman who could possibly knock him for a loop after leaving Hollywood. Despite the instant shot of lust he feels when he first lays eyes on his new Native American Studies teacher, he is determined to get rid of her. After all…she misled him with that damned Indian name of hers! How could he know she was not NA? But the stubborn red-head has a thing or two to say about him firing her on the spot.

Cheyenne Red Wolf has never met a more maddening…arrogant…downright irritating man. He hates her on sight. Too bad he’s the hottest thing she has ever laid eyes on…and he’s her new boss. The man tried to fire her because she wasn’t a “real” Indian. Good thing he can’t stand her, because she sure as hell couldn’t say no to all that sexy, hard-headed, Lakota masculinity. He is the man from her dream…and no matter what he thinks of her, she has it bad for the man…

Fran Lee


  1. Buckle your seat belts, this is gonna be a hot ride! Congrats, Fran!

  2. Congratulations Fran! I think your timing is right on. Its wonderful to see some of your long held dreams reach the light. It a big victory. Woman on Fire sounds great.
    XXOO Kat

  3. I, too, have a "thing" for hot NA guys. LOL!

  4. Fran - WOW! This blurb is incredibly powerful - I'm hooked!!

  5. AC going full-blast...HOT is right! Congrats on the contract!


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