Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Where Did June Go?

Is it July already? I don’t know where June went. I was so busy with writing, parties, etc. We returned from vacation on Sunday. We had a wonderful time. We visited Hershey Park, Gettysburg, did a ghost tour of Jennie Wade’s home and stopped off in NYC on the way home. Now I’m back to work and July looks just as busy.
Received edits for Spend the Night With Me today. If you liked Pretend With Me, hopefully you’ll enjoy Brooke and Liam’s story.
I have some exciting news. A few months ago a dear friend and fellow author hooked me up with an editor at Loose Id. I’ve wanted to publish with them as long as Ellora’s Cave.
So I looked over their guidelines and I had something they might be interested in, but it wasn’t long enough. I sent it to the editor anyway and she immediately said (like 5 mins later), it’s not long enough, but I want something from you. I responded with a kind thank you and offered to lengthen it or send her something else soon. I never gave her an ETA.
Over Memorial Day, (I’d so forgotten about her at this point) I received an email from her only saying – Is it soon yet?
I took this as a sign, sent her a brief blurb, intended word count and a delivery date of July 1st. I knew it was crazy because I had another project I HAD to finish and two surprise parties. Needless to say I was in a fog all of June.
I’m thrilled to say that on June 30th I sent her the 25k mss and within 6 hours she sent an email saying she wanted it, but to keep it under wraps until she found me an editor.
Sunday I received the Acceptance Letter along with the contract. I’m excited to say Stranded with be published with Loose Id in the Fall. This is an M/M/F. The heroine is plus-size, with scars and a past that still haunts her. The two men, Ben and Adam want to make her part of their family. Oh and they said I should be receiving edits soon, like next week.
I’m still awaiting edits for Play With Me, book three. It’s gonna be a busy summer!
They’re saying it’s gonna be 99 today. I love the heat, but even that’s too hot for me.
Stay cool and until next week.


  1. Geeze Amber you're probably at least partially responsible for the heat wave! The sheer friction of your fingertips passing over the keyboard and heating the air with erotica has brought the East Coast to a boil. I hope you're happy! lol
    Major congratulations on the new books and the new alliance with Loose Id! I hope it will be a great partnership for both of you.
    XXOO Kat

  2. Thanks Kat! If I'm responsible I'd better stop typing. I love heat, but this is too much! :)

  3. I posted a comment first thing this morning and it disappeared??

    Congrats, Amber. I loved Pretend With Me and can't wait to read Spend The Night With Me.

  4. Hey, congrats on the contract. I've heard Loose-ID is great to work for.

  5. Thanks Tessie. Edits are almost complete. And Naramalone I'm hoping Loose Id is everything I suspect.


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