Sunday, July 25, 2010

What's your taste in books?

Have you thought lately about how you choose books? What you choose? When?
I recently created a list of those I had read lately and confirmed what I had known for years subconsciously: I have eclectic tastes and I want what I want when I want it.
Here is my list of books I've read lately and I loved each one! (not in order of how I loved them but chronologically of when I read them recently. #1 being April, perhaps, or in any case months ago!)
1. Acqua Alta, mystery in Venice, by Donna Leon (3rd one of hers I've read.)
2. The Historian, vampire lit, by Elizabeth Kostova (647 pp. my friends..gotta love the history of Dracula!)
3. Rodeo Heat, erotica, by Desiree Holt, from (hubba hubba!)
4. My Life in France, autobiography with her nephew, by Julia Child. So many edibles, so little time to live in Paris. sigh.
5. Half the Sky, non-fiction interviews of women in 3rd world, by Nicholas Kristof. Heart-breaking stories of women used and abused, suppressed. I could take only a few pp. at a time.
6. Belonging to Them, multiple partner romantica, (Oh, yeah!) by Brynn Paulin. ( )
7. Cleaved by she of the Julia/Julie movie, Julie Powell. Ever want to become a butcher??? Okay, then! Here's your guide.
What does your list look like? Does it tell you anything you might not have recognized about yourself?
Know one thing mine tells me? That I am eager to see ALL BOOKS in e-format because THEN an e-reader will be well worth every penny I spend on it.
So there, to the marketing boys, and the developers at Kindle, Sony and iPad!


  1. As a book lover and someone who clearly sees Kindles, iPads, Nooks and Sony ereaders as a solid part of the future of publishing, I ask when will epublishers large and small get together to protect the product from pirates? Piracy is killing this business. The rise in ereaders sales has soared along with e-piracy. I hope necessary protective steps will be taken soon, both with laws and encrypted software or else epublishing will become an unsustainable business for most authors.
    I hope we can get some help.
    XXOO Kat

  2. I enjoy reading different romance genres, but also some nonfiction political-figure books. And, rereading some I've already enjoyed and are still on my Kindle. I have a few paperbacks I'll always keep, because they're books I've always loved...and happen to be regency romances.


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