Thursday, July 22, 2010

Treasuring Evie

Treasuring Evie releases August 11, 2010.

Copyright © TESSIE BRADFORD, 2010
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.


“So let’s recap. You screwed like bunnies in the yard and then went inside to make omelets and get to know each other?”

Evelyn Ashlyn is living a life she’s struggled hard to achieve. Her business is thriving, as is her career as an artist. Success, however, always comes with a price. For Evie, the price is her personal life—and sex life. She’s not had any for two years. Dalliances with the summer tourists are against her code of ethics and the few bachelors in her small town are single for a reason.

Matt Carstead, recently retired Detroit police officer, thought his dream come true was to move up north and spend his days woodworking, fishing and relaxing. That was until he met Evie, his fantasy woman come to life. Especially when he discovers his new neighbor swims in the nude—and has a mouth like heaven on earth.

Neither of them ever imagined what was about to happen.


“I just saw that guy again,” Evelyn Ashlyn announced as she entered her store, Northern Treasures, and set her purse and a basket of raspberry muffins on the front counter.

“Tall, dark and studly?” Anne came around a shelf and made a beeline out the door. Evelyn shook her head with a laugh as she watched her best friend and business partner stand on the sidewalk with her hands on her hips and look up and down the crowded street.

“All I saw was a bunch of nondescript tourists and a few townies. Evie, are you sure?” Anne questioned on her return.

“First of all, I didn’t say where I saw him and second of all, I can’t believe you just ran out of here looking for him!”

“I think I quote you directly when I say ‘wavy black hair with a distinguished touch of grey, shoulders for miles, chiseled biceps and an ass that doesn’t quit.’ Yeah I’d like to get a look.”

“And what would your husband think of your interest, Mrs. Leonard?”

“He would be completely secure in the fact that as a sculptor, I am required to have a great appreciation of the male physique.”

“You do remember that you sculpt wildlife, right?” Evie raised a questioning eyebrow.

“Pesky details! Seriously though, where did you see him?”

“I was stopped next to him at the light on Elm Street, me in my twenty-year-old pickup and him in his black convertible with the top down.” Her heart jumped at the memory of him turning to look right at her and flashing a devilishly handsome smile before driving off.

“Oh God, please tell me that he’s not a mirrored sunglasses, leather driving gloves guy.” Anne shuddered dramatically.

“You forget the rest of my description of him, Anne. ‘Powerful, confident, alpha male goodness’. He’s not playing at being hot, he just is!” Evie patted over her heart and blew out a breath for emphasis as a group of ladies entered the store, effectively ending the conversation.


  1. Oh I can't wait for this one! I love the opening line. :)

  2. Tessie, I know Treasuring Evie is going to be filled with powerful, confident, alpha male goodness. Hooray!
    XXOO Kat

  3. Thanks Amber and Kat! This story is short, a bit under 12k, but I really enjoyed writing Matt and Evie. I'm hoping it provides readers some hot, quick, summertime fun!


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