Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tessie Bradford's "The Lady's Not a Vamp"

I just finished reading Tessie Bradford’s newest eBook “The Lady’s Not a Vamp” and I loved it! This is a fast paced very fun story and if you like vampires and hot ménage, look no further for sexy summer reading.
Blurb: “The Lady’s Not a Vamp”.
Sandy’s perception of reality is taking one serious ass kicking. Two stunningly handsome vampires come to her aide, boldly announce she is their blood mate and send her soaring on waves of orgasmic delight with every touch. It’s a lot for a gal to process in two days!
Tony and Rick weren’t looking for a third, but when the spunky, courageous, sexy-as-hell human woman needs blood, their bodies and souls instantly recognize Sandy as their perfect match. Now they just need to convince her to embrace all they have to offer.

Okay, let’s start with the basics. Rick Duggan is a gorgeous, green-eyed 254-year-old cop who spends his evenings protecting the innocent humans of Deckton, Michigan from being attacked by suave, wealthy Italian vampires whose bite leaves a nasty hangover—thank god he’s here.
Tony DeLucia is a sage 359 years old and he’s equally yummy, darker and gothier with long black hair, a leather duster, a sinful bod and the ability to get in your mind and ignite a rocket blast of lust—so far so good.
Cassandra Morley aka Sandy is the voluptuous, unwitting redhead who is catnip to vampires. She’s only been in Deckton several weeks and she’s already attracted the intense sexual attention of the three most interesting undead men in town—two of which are definitely keepers. The poor girl is lacking in sexual confidence but don’t feel sorry for her that situation certainly changes for the better—fast. Some girls get all the luck…
The chemistry between Sandy, Rick and Tony is blazing hot and I really enjoyed the ménage scenes but the vivid little M/M scene between Rick and Tony of a Vampiric version of a mercy fuck was scorching hot and stuck in my dirty mind like glue. Lol
There’s a lot of humor and a strong feeling of caring and sexual attraction between Sandy, Rick and Tony. There’s a lot packed into this short novel. I highly recommend, “The Lady’s Not a Vamp” be added to your summer reading list.
Tessie Bradford’s “The Lady’s Not a Vamp” Ellora’s Cave Twilight Line, available now. 

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  1. Kat, I'm so glad you like TLNaV! I really appreciate you taking the time to review it!


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