Thursday, July 1, 2010

Revisiting My First Book

I've really enjoyed reading excerpts from author's backlists. I've re-read favorites and had fun discovering 'new to me', wonderful books. Can I play, too??
An Excerpt From: Ageless Desires
Copyright: TESSIE BRADFORD, 2009
All rights reserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.

Friday nights at the Main Street Bar and Grill were always crowded so Kate waited just inside the entryway, allowing her eyes to adjust to the darkened interior and then she scanned the room for her co-workers. It took her just a second to find them all seated around one of the large round tables in the back corner. Beth was there, of course and so were Renee, Sue, Sean, Bill, Dean and Bryan. Kate hadn’t known if Bryan was going to join them tonight and the relief and excitement of seeing him there was making her knees shake. His back was turned to her as he leaned across the table deep in conversation with Sean. She drew a calming breath and then began slowly to weave her way through the crowd.

What exactly am I supposed to do when I get there? she wondered a bit frantically. Should I sit down next to him? Should I sit across the table and pretend that I don’t even notice his delicious presence? Should I leave immediately and drink at home? Kate’s head was spinning by the time she stopped about six feet away from the table.

“Hey, Kate, about time you showed up,” Beth called out to her warmly.

“What can I say, Beth, I have a slave driver for a boss who wanted a certain proposal done by the end of the day.”

Everybody at the table laughed and greeted her but Kate heard none of it because Bryan had turned her way. He stared at her with his piercing eyes and lazy smile, making her heart pound and her cheeks flame. She didn’t move a muscle as he pushed back his chair, stood slowly and walked toward her.

“Hey there beautiful,” was all he whispered before putting his large, warm hands on her hips and pulling her into a devastatingly hot kiss. His tongue coaxed her lips open and she kissed him back with equal fervor. His hard cock pressed against her abdomen and Kate fought the urge to grind against his chiseled body.

“Whoa, what the hell,” Kate’s clouded brain registered Sean’s comment, along with a couple of whistles and then Beth’s hearty laughter.

“Yeah, since when are you guys together?” she heard Renee ask as Bryan ended the kiss. He pulled back just far enough to gaze down at her with the most mischievous look.

“I thought that maybe we were going to keep us on a sort of a ‘don’t let the co-workers know that we’re doing it’ kind of level,” Kate whispered desperately.

“What would have ever given you that impression, Katie?” Bryan whispered back while giving her ass a gentle squeeze. “I want the whole world to know that we are together, hon.” He casually draped his arm around her shoulder and turned toward the group.

“Sit down here Katie,” Bryan offered as he guided her into his chair, “I’ll go find you a drink. What’s your pleasure tonight,” he added with, what seemed to Katie, a great deal of double entendre.

“Anything strong, Bryan,” she replied, then instantly shook her index finger at him before he uttered the next sexed up comment that his raised eyebrow indicated he was ready to drop. “Vodka and cranberry is good,” she clarified before turning to her friends.

Kate expected to see disbelief, or shock, or pure horror on the faces looking back at her but instead she got smiles and winks and a double thumbs-up from Sue. Maybe Bryan was right about the fact that people wouldn’t care about the age difference. Maybe he was right that she should relax and not worry so much. Kate knew that all this “rightness” would go straight to Bryan’s head.

“So, how was everyone’s week?” she inquired as innocently as she could.

“Obviously not as good as yours has been,” Bill commented good-naturedly as he downed his beer. “Last week when we were all out together there was none of that going on,” he waved his arm grandly toward where Kate and Bryan had just stood.

“Exactly what was that seminar about that you guys went to?” Dean asked with a laugh and then added, “Hey Beth, can I go to the next one?”

The whole table dissolved into peals of laughter, including Kate. Yes, they were teasing her. Hell, she would have been teasing any of her girlfriends if the tables were turned. Yes, they were surprised but nobody was being mean or judgmental. Kate felt about a thousand pounds of emotional baggage fall off her back.

“Hey, I’m allowed to have some fun you guys. I know I haven’t brought a guy around in like forever but I can date if I want to.”

“That little display makes me think that date might not actually summarize what you kids have been up to, if you know what I mean,” Renee giggled while Kate groaned and rolled her eyes.

“Scoot over a bit,” Bryan said as he placed Kate’s drink on the table and maneuvered the chair that he brought back with him so that he was sitting close enough that they were touching from hip to knee. “So what did I miss?” He looked at Katie for signs of distress but was relieved when she smiled warmly back at him.

“Only our friends making fun of me,” she answered before taking a healthy sip of her beverage.

“They’re just jealous, Katie.” He put his arm across the back of her chair and stroked her shoulder. “Let them have their kind of fun and we will have ours,” he chuckled before brushing his lips across her temple. The entire group groaned in unison.

“Good Lord, you’re going to be sickly sweet to be around now, aren’t you,” Beth stated as a fact instead of a question. Kate and Bryan just looked back at her innocently.

After another fifteen minutes or so of bad jokes, off color comments and over-all ribbing, everyone was able to settle back into their comfortable camaraderie. Kate found herself idly stroking Bryan’s thigh, delighted in the fact that she was with the man of her dreams, in the full view of humanity and the world hadn’t stopped spinning.

As the evening wore on and Kate availed herself of another cocktail, her thoughts began to wander away from shop talk. Her pussy began to warm up as she daydreamed about what she and Bryan might do when they left the bar. She deliberately began to stroke farther up his denim-clad leg, making sure that her fingers brushed his cock on each pass. Although she knew that nobody could see what her hand was doing under the table, she felt energized by her own daring. She was delighted when Bryan grabbed her hand at held it to his crotch while fixing her with a “be careful what you’re doing down there” look.

“If you all are going to stay for a while,” Bryan said as he stood up and brought Kate up with him by her hand that he was still holding, “Katie and I are going to get a breath of fresh air.”

Kate’s pulse raced as, instead of heading toward the front door, Bryan guided her through the crowd and up to the bar. She hoped that she had an idea about what he wanted to do but where were they going? He was moving with an urgency that sent wet desire straight to her pussy.

“Hey Tom,” Bryan called over the noise to get the bartender’s attention. After finishing mixing a drink Tom walked over to Bryan, dropped a key into his waiting palm and then turned and left without a word. Bryan wrapped his arm around Kate’s waist and led her down the hall that, to the best of her recollection, only held the restrooms. When Bryan silently passed both of those doors to stop and insert the key into the lock on the last door, labeled “Supplies”, she thought that she might faint with excitement.

“What in the world,” she breathed as he gently pushed her in front of him and into the pitch dark room. As soon as she heard the door click shut, he turned her in his embrace, crushing her tightly against his rock hard chest.

“As best as I can figure it, Katie,” he growled as he planted moist kisses down her neck and into her exposed cleavage, “we have about fifteen minutes before our friends come looking for us or somebody needs something out of this room.” He spun her around so that her back was against the door and then began fumbling with the button of her jeans.


  1. I love getting a second peek at everyone's backlist. There are a lot of treasures hidden there, and I do love to re-read a favorite book. Ageless Desires is aging very well... Its time to uncork it again. lol
    XXOO Kat

  2. Being my first, it holds a very special place in my heart! Thanks, Kat.

  3. I loved this book! In fact, I have read it three times. LOL!


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