Sunday, July 11, 2010

Places that wind up in my stories

Looking back at all the places I've lived and traveled, I KNOW so many of them wind up in my fiction (of course, my non-fiction, too...yep, of which there is A LOT).
(FYI: PIX here is mine taken from the corridor window of the Doge's Palace in Venice, looking across the Lagoon. Inhale. Appreciate. Dream.)
I thought for the hell of it, I'd list some of the places I've been, just for fun and reflection. Next week I am off with 2 other couples to a Shakespeare Festival in Utah (where I have never been before) and thought, hmmm.
Here's my list, if for no other reason, than my random day-dreaming and yours (not in any order, either!):
New York, Brooklyn, Long Island, Syracuse, Watertown, Binghamton
Pennsylvania: Scranton and Peckville, Lancaster, Phillie, Pittsburgh
Washington and all points north and south within 100 miles radius
BALTIMORE! Hated Charm City growing up and then they CLEANED IT UP and as an adult, I adore it.
Virginia: Jamestown and Williamsburg, Virginia Beach
Florence, Montalcino, Montepulciano, San Guistino. CAN I LIVE HERE, please?
Venice. Live here, too, please.
Bonn, Cologne, Munich. Ja vohl, Ich bin eine Deutsche Madchen. I need to return, reconnect to my roots. In September, I think I will!
Japan: Tokyo and Okinawa. Where I taught university level Chinese and Japanese History. Yes. I did. And I taught foreign army officers how to speak jargoned English.
Boston, Cape Cod.
Maine. York Beach. wow. I wanna go eat lobster. Want to come with?
Greece, Athens and Mykonos. Athens and Mykonos. Can I go back??? Soon?
Israel. Jerusalem. Jerusalem. Jerusalem. Inhale deeply.
Hmm. There may be more.
One note: I hate tours. (THAT IS IN BOLD.) Repeat with me. Too fast, too simplistic. your life is run by guides who have their own preferences--and sometimes their own misinformation! I can speak German and Chinese, but I can get along otherwise.
Changed your life, your thinking about who you are? What you want? How you live?
Mine has.
How? I live more and more with good food, fine wine, dining with friends who have marvelous perspectives on life, an education and intriguing careers and endeavors.
I LIVE for my annual (sometimes) bi-annual now, trips to Europe. AND I AM SAVING MY SHEKELS for China. And Egypt.
Ciao, bella!


  1. Cedar City is loads of fun. Too bad you won't be in Salt Lake. We could have coffee and BS a bit.

  2. You live an amazing life Cerise! Maybe you should give the tours? lol
    I'd take your tour...
    XXOO Kat

  3. You live in Salt Lake?! Wow. But we will see each other at Romanticon in October!

  4. Cerise, I adore travelling! There is so much to see and do and learn in this world!
    The first time we went to Europe, we spent 10 days in England. That trip was so emotional for me. My grandparents used to go every summer, so I grew up seeing their slides and listening to stories of family history. My mother and father talked often about how "some day" they were going to go, but sadly, they never made it. Every place we went, I cried! Tears of gratitude for being lucky enough to be there and to share it with my husband and daughter, tears of sadness that my parents never experienced it, tears of awe over the history and beauty.

  5. Wow...what an adventurous life you've led! So many wonderful places and sites you've seen that I can only dream about!

  6. Wow! I'm mesmerized by all the places you've been. I'd like to go to half before I die!


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