Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Hear Sleigh Bells!

This week I was playing beat the clock to finish a Christmas Quickie that became a novella that became a short novel… You get the picture. It needs to come to an end and it’s not ending. The Christmas hijinks continue and I’m still trapped in a seasonal limbo world.

All through the month of July my mind has been steeped in Christmas, cranberry candles, snowfall, fires in a stone hearth and big red packages tied with satin ribbon. I got so involved in the fantasy I’ve almost convinced myself Christmas was absolutely lovely this year and I’ve nothing to worry about… As I finish this short novel, it finally occurred to me just how disoriented I’m going to feel when Christmas 2010 actually arrives and I feel like I’ve already had it! What will I do this year when my family looks at me and asks, “Are you going to decorate for Christmas this year?”

I’ll want to give them an accusing look and defend myself by saying “Don’t you remember? We just had Christmas and it was wonderful!”

This mindset reminds me of my friend’s creative but kooky mother. My friend’s mother wanted to celebrate a high school graduation by making an elegant frozen ice cream, fresh strawberry and angel food cake extravaganza. She talked about the cake constantly for a week and even drew architectural renderings of it on all the phone pads. On graduation day everyone came to the house, the freezer was opened and guess what? You’re right. She forgot to make the cake! Talking about the cake and enjoying the fantasy of its perfection had been satisfying enough… A real lesson to be learned from.

Seeing the “Christmas In July” Christmas tree on our sister blog Romance Books R-Us isn’t helping to ground me in a firmer sense of reality. The only thing that is completely real is this fun contest with a great Sony e-reader at stake is going to end on Saturday, so if you haven’t done so already please check out his blog!



  1. I'm working on my Christmas quickie too. I'm fearing it will become a novella. I need to get it done ASAP! LOL

    I'm not rushing the summer gone. I live for summer.

  2. On the bright side Katalina, you've just starred in your very own version of Back to the Future!!

  3. I sure wish I could have a quickie for Christmas...sigh... :P

  4. Fran you've been a 'bad' girl in all the best ways so maybe something unexpected and exciting will get into your stockings this
    XXOO Kat
    PS are you the friendly elf that brought me a Christmas graphic? Thank you!

  5. Thoughts of Christmas and winter and snow are quite soothing to me right now - it's been so miserably hot and humid here! I can't wait to read your story!


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