Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Chatting with Amber Skyze

Sunday afternoon I had the pleasure of reading Amber Skyze’s newest offering from Ellora’s Cave “Submit With Me” and what a wild little ride I got! This is a fast paced “Quickie” and the pages just fly by. I must warn readers be prepared to be nervously concerned the first few pages but get in the elevator with Marc anyway and submit.
Blurb: “Submit With Me”.
Rena is on a quest to get laid and she’s willing to go to any length to fulfill her need.

Marc has a thirst for a submissive. He longs to find someone he can bring to the edge of ecstasy and rein back in before an orgasm. He wants to tie, tease and torture his submissive, pushing the limits of sexual awareness.

When he offers Rena five hundred dollars to be his sub for the night, he gets more than he bargained for. This spitfire is about to show him a thing or two about submitting.

Katalina Leon: Amber what specifically inspired you to write this story?

Amber Skyze: This started with a call-out for a series of Pretend. It was rejected for not being kinky enough at one publishing house. I let it sit for a while and when EC opened its doors to the “quicker” quickies, I cleaned it up and submitted it. The rest is history.
Kat: How much of your heroine Rena is in you?
AS: That smart-ass attitude is all me!

Kat: A few very interesting tools of submission are mentioned in the story, which is your favorite?

AS: The DH is always online researching and when he told me about a clit taser I just knew I had to incorporate it in a story. Can you imagine jolts of electricity zapping…oh my.

Kat: It sounds quite “shocking”! Which do you prefer a fruity rum drink or a glass of wine?

AS: I love fruity drinks, but liquor is not for me. So fruity wine ;)

Kat: A spanking or a slow tease?

AS: It depends on the mood, but a good ole spanking never hurts and it definitely warms things up.

Kat: If it’s done right a good old-fashioned spanking definitely hurts! lol Who’s your favorite bad boy?

AS: Colin Farrell

Kat: OMG! Colin is a pretty bad boy… I love Colin’s heavy black brows. He looks like a young Sean Connery. Can you imagine being spanked by him? Of course you can. Thank you Amber, I really enjoyed “Submit With Me”.

AS: I’m thrilled you enjoyed Submit With Me.

Kat: If you like a little kink in the spirit of exploration you’ll love “Submit With Me”

Submit With Me” Ellora’s Cave Taboo Line available July 21st!


  1. Wonderful interview, ladies! And this is definitely my kind of book! LOL!

  2. Great interview. And Amber, Colin Farrell's Dublin home is a few door down - I'll put a word in!lol

  3. LOL Thanks Pamela. I'm hoping to get to Ireland some day.

    Thanks Fran! :)

  4. Happy Release Day Amber! I guess we better get our tickets to Dublin... lol
    XXOO Kat

  5. I think we'd make great traveling companions! ;)

  6. Thanks for dropping in, Helen! :)


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