Monday, June 21, 2010

Two Disatrous June Wedding Stories

Lots of little girls grow into women who want to be  June Brides. Maybe because it's the season of flowers, sunshine, love. Maybe it's because school is over and engaged couples are ready to take that plunge. Maybe it's because designers/wedding paraphernalia companies bombard us with weddings/gowns/bridal propaganda to make the month of June appear to be "THE" month to wed.

Here are two June weddings I've been to. Maybe these couples shouldn't have been swayed by "Wedding Bells" advertisements to marry in June and have waited...or not married at all?

Wedding # 1: I had to travel to FL for this one. A cousin was marrying for the third time. So was his bride-to-be. The wedding would include family and friends...most from his motorcycle group. The bride was cutting corners since the budget must have been close to nothing. She made her own dress...and calling this frock a dress is being polite!

The black and white wedding outfit consisted of a dress (?) that was 1. strapless, 2. low on her breasts so her tattoos showed, 3. had a cut-out in front in an inverted "V" shape from legs to very close to her crotch. She spent the entire day pulling her dress up on top and tugging it down by her crotch. She wore a black belt and black boots.

The cake was black and white. The flower girls and bridesmaids wore black. The flowers were black. The "ceremony"/reception was held in a beer hall.

About five years later, we found out that the wedding had been a sham. The bride's divorce hadn't finalized, so rather than call off the wedding, a friend had posed as the preacher who "married" them. Their friends knew what was going on, but none of the relatives, including the groom's mother and sisters, knew anything about it.

Wedding #2. The bride and groom had lived together for years before taking the plunge. The bride was someone in my family and my first impression of the groom was NOT favorable. Although no one said anything, we all spoke about this later and NO ONE liked him. Arrogant, snobbish, this oaf made fun of the bride's weight and since he was starting a job as an English teacher, decided to correct everyone's the rehearsal dinner.

From the bride's side of the family, it was a combination of a BIG Italian wedding and a BIG Jewish there was an abundance of everything to the point of overkill. Tons of food and drink.

The groom's mother and new husband called the day before and said they missed their flights...when in reality they hadn't gotten tickets because they couldn't afford them. The groom's father and new wife came, but didn't have money to pay for a hotel.

The bride's family paid to fly the mother and husband to the wedding, and had everyone sleep at the bride's father's home. Something like 10 people to include the groom's family slept in a three-bedroom, one bath home...because they had no money.

We enjoyed seeing all our family again so had a great time. We flew in our 3 daughters and two of their fiances. My husband and I made the three-day trip by car so we could sight-see.

One month after the wedding, the groom admitted to cheating on the bride, said he never loved her, had found his "true love", and wanted out. Not only that, but the bride was now pregnant. The photographer hadn't even gotten the wedding pictures developed yet, and the marriage was over. 

I'm sure there's a romance story there...maybe a wedding planner who handles these weddings and ends up falling in love with the caterer!
Anyone have a June bride story? Hopefully a pleasant one? 

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  1. The two weddings you described belong in another genre, perhaps Horror? They are definitely not romances! The last one was especially sad but maybe Stephen King can do something with material as rich as that! lol
    XXOO Kat

  2. ROFLMAO These two weddings may belong in a horror genre, but I'm still laughing. Oh Lordy.

    Every family has them though. lol

  3. OMG! What stories you have! Nope, never been to a wedding quite like either of those!

  4. Thanks, ladies...yep...these weddings were an expensive memory for me since I had to travel for the Midwest to the East Coast for each one, stay at hotels, paid for my daughters to go, food, etc.

  5. Geez, never been to a wedding like that before. How horrible.

  6. Well! Guess that puts June out of the question when this Super-Cougar finds a man! snicker!

  7. Only one word. Ugh. How can people be so dense?


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