Monday, June 28, 2010

Nat'l Camping Week: I'll TakeTwo HUNKS Along!

Two Camping HUNKS below!

My concept of camping is staying in a lodge with a bed, bathroom, TV, phone, get the idea. I don't DO camping. I don't sleep in tents in the "great outdoors", nor "go off in the woods" for bathroom forays.

About the closest thing I've done to actual camping is when my husband, two of our kids, and I, used my in-laws camper and drove up to Niagara Falls, crossed into Canada, and then drove through some New England states. The camper had a kitchen, beds, bathroom/shower, and electrical power when we "plugged in" at campgrounds.

This wasn't really too bad, as we were a self-contained unit and had our privacy...without bugs. We barbecued on a grill, not over a campfire. Hell. I never even did that in Girl Scouts. Just not my "thing" to enjoy the "great outdoors" of nature.

Now, hiking and camping are hobbies tons of people enjoy...and I say have at it..just please, don't take me with you! I'll do my hiking in malls, thank you. Walking around the neighborhood or at malls is fine...I don't need to see every flower/shrug/insect nature has to offer.

Heck...I don't even like picnics...never did...because I don't DO bugs. Yeah, I was a moper at family outings as a child and avoided going if I could.

I tried one outdoor Hated every minute. I REALLY tried to like it, but the thought of spending hours chasing a tiny ball I usually either missed hitting or hit by trees in warm temperatures just never appealed to me. Anyone interested in buying used women's left-handed golf clubs?

I go to baseball/football long as it's not too hot or too cold. I want my comfort. And my hot dogs.

Now, if these HUNKS were to invite me to share a tent and go camping, I'd have to rethink my whole "I don't like the outdoors" attitude...wouldn't you do the same thing? They could set up camping equipment, build campfires, make dinner. Hell...the one on the right already has a tent and jacket and likes to camp during the holidays. I could fit easily between the two of them in one giant sleeping bag...sharing's a good thing! So's body warmth, heat, snuggling, touching...etc.

Hmm. Maybe then I'd enjoy the wonders of nature...and the men who share that interest!

I'm actually writing/editing a book about a woman who knows zilch about camping but goes with the hero to try and pass herself off as a seasoned camper...sounds like something I definitely can relate to...not knowing a damn thing!

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  1. I would Camp whit touse Two eny day thay are so Hot looking.

  2. I bet they COULD start fires. :)

  3. Those two wouldn't need to ask twice. And I hate camping. But "Oh how one can learn to compromise", know what I mean :)
    Carol L.

  4. Yes...these two would be a joy to camp with...battling nature's elements would be worth having them to get me though the rough days and snuggling at night to stay warm!

  5. Hunks camping? Show me Smore! lol
    XXOO Kat

  6. I can probably make some room in my sleeping bag!

  7. I figure a sleeping bag for two...with me sandwiched between them...would be VERY cozy! Gotta use your imagination and "run" with the fantasies!
    Thanks for the comments!


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