Monday, June 7, 2010

National Rose Month - the Flower of Love

Let's hear it for the roses...all sizes, shades and colors! The wonderful aroma, beautiful bouquets, bushes, etc., all around us. Colors of Roses and what they mean:

RED: Known as the Lover's Rose, shades can go from light to deep crimson. What better Valentine's gift than red roses? Maybe with chocolates to add a special "romance" meaning?

PINK: Expresses gentility, femininity, elegance, admiration. Deep pink: gratitude. Light pink: grace.

WHITE: Represents purity, innocence and celebrates weddings and young love.

 YELLOW: Evokes a sense of warmth and friendship. In Victorian times, it symbolized jealousy!
ORANGE: Symbolize desire, attraction, and passion...that can lead to a wild romance!

LAVENDER, LILAC, PURPLE: Displays enchantment, and imagination...and love at first sight.

TURQUOISE: Expresses well-being, calmness, fertility.

BLUE:  Embodies a sense the impossible and of mystery while hoping for an extraordinary chance for the beginning of something new.

GOLD: No better way to say "I Care", "Welcome Back", "Remember Me", my friend.

 Whatever color you choose, you can't go wrong...except with black. No romance there. Just sorrow so stay away from them. Although, I'm sure some paranormal romances will feature these black roses as the choice of shade for dark tales!

Credits: Teleflora, Proflowers, Morrison Gardens, Roses for Life.
Photos: Flickr: D. Sharon Pruitt, Madmoiselle Lavender, The Gifted, Angela M. Michel, BONGURI, dorena-wm, KIUKO, naitokz and ghewqill's photostreams.



  1. I love roses and I love the so-called black roses! No rose is actually black the deepest shades are highly pigmented purple or red and the perfume they give off is wonderful. Many varieties have an old-fashioned amber/musk scent which is stunning (Manipulative Vampires take note). I tend to go for the darkest colors and richest scents...
    Don't fear the dark. My husband can give me a black rose any day!
    XXOO Kat

  2. I love roses. I remember growing up with the Kennedy rose that was of course pink. But my favorite shade has always been the Yellow Rose. Yes, this Virginia girl chose the yellow rose to stand for Texas. I suppose the gold characteristics of welcoming and friendship so the deeper the yellow the better I like it.

  3. I love any roses, but my favorite is either pink or lavendar.

    Great article, Marianne.

  4. Never saw myself as the "enchantment" sort, but I do love lavender roses...

  5. What a lovely post! Roses are my very favorite flowers. Thanks, sweetie!

  6. I'm a yellow or peach colored rose person. I like all the others too, I love yellow.


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