Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June Hash

I can’t believe how quickly the month of June came and went! It was jam-packed and I certainly got my money’s worth out of this eventful month but I still can’t believe its almost over.

First I want to mention a terrific book that is due for release next Tuesday. It’s Tessie Bradford’s “The Lady’s Not a Vamp” from Ellora’s Cave Twilight Line. I’m half way through it and I love it! Tessie is always good but “The Lady’s Not a Vamp” may be her best book to date. If your fantasies include Vampires, ménage and sexy caring undead men lavishing all their attention and pouring their hearts out to their beloved—then you’ll want to buy this book next Tuesday!

Next, congratulations are due to Cerise DeLand who is launching her new Regency Quintet series beginning with “Lord Stanhope’s Improper Proposal”. Her beloved Quickie “Her Three Way Merger” is now available on Audio through Ellora’s Cave, and “Carried Away” got a terrific review this week from Book Binge Reviews… Phew! When does Cerise sleep?

Fran Lee got a positively glowing review for “Nothing But Sex” from Book Binge and she deserves it. I read “Nothing But Sex” and loved it. There is a lot of hot sex in “Nothing But Sex” but there also so much more. I encourage anyone who has not yet read a Fran Lee book to choose one and just give into the inevitable. Once you’ve read Fran Lee’s honestly written erotic romance—you’ll become a fan.

Marianne Stephens aka April Ash has been slaving away to make our sister blog Romance Book R’Us a success. If you haven’t already joined Romance Books R”Us please do because most all the Seven Sexy Scribes post over there and Romance Books R’Us is hosting a contest “Christmas in July” starting July 1st where members can win a Sony e-reader. You don’t want to miss that.

Amber Skyze has survived planning major milestone parties for her loved ones while writing like a storm. Huge achievement.

Julia Rachel Barrett has so much going on in the month of July that it will have to be a separate blog. I’m a big Sci-fi fan and I can’t wait to read her “Daughters Of Persephone” series which will be available beginning July 13th. We also have a weird and I hope amusing collaboration planned called “Rodeo Werewolf” It a ridiculous joke and it’s a creative tutorial and everyone is invited to play along… more to come on that one later.

I got a great review this week for “Owned By Rome” from the lovely Eve Cassidy at “The Pen and Muse” She wrote:

What I liked: First, I have to say how much I adore this cover.
For me it simply sizzles from the screen and draws me in to learn more.

I don’t normally read a lot of historicals, but I am fascinated by ancient periods and especially the Romans. They were cruel, violent, deviant, loving, and among other things indulgent. And in Owned by Rome you see all of this. Atellus is a strong and noble hero that any woman would fall for and Rutila is the willful and strong type of heroine we’d all wish to be. In fact, all of the characters are richly drawn, from the disgusting cousin of Atellus to the slaves that wish to save Rutila from needless suffering when she faces death.

When I got to the end of this book I felt like I’d been on an epic journey. There were moments of highs and lows throughout that made it all very real. Atellus and Rutilla worked hard for their romance and I cheered them on the whole way. In the midst of fighting, hunger, and some emotional exhaustion there were some beautiful spicy moments. Some light bondage and domination elements are included as well.
The only issue that ever pulled me out of the story was some of the latin. While appropriate for the story, a bit less might have been easier on me as a reader. Still, I loved this story and highly recommend it and plan to check out more of Ms. Leon’s work.
(I’ve publicly pledged to Ms Cassidy and to all that I will nix the Latin in the future…lol)


  1. Wow...thanks for the updates on everyone...I feel like I've missed some things but you sure got my attention with comments about everyone!

  2. What a great tribute to all of us! Congrats on the wonderful review. I thought I'd spend the week reading, but the DH hasn't stopped running yet! LOL

    Can't wait to feast on Owned By Rome

  3. Congratulations ladies on your creativity and productivity. You're a busy bunch!! Particular congrats to you Kat for the great review!

  4. Congrats on another wonderful review for Owned by Rome!

    Kat, The Lady's Not a Vamp would not exist without the support and encouragement you gave me during the process!!

    Cerise, Happy Release Day!

  5. I Love the company I keep! Its an honor ladies.
    XXOO Kat

  6. Wow! You managed to squeeze us all in there! All in one post - yay! We are such a cool company! Yup...gird your loins, ladies, Rodeo Werewolf is a'comin'!

  7. Thanks for the boost, are a real doll! I love Owned by Rome!

  8. Thank you Fran! Congratulations on another great 5 kiss review for "Nothing But Sex" from TwoLips Reviews.
    XXOO Kat


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