Monday, June 14, 2010

Hug a HUNK Holiday!

Huggable Hunks below!

National Hug Holiday. I did a blog similar to this a while back...but can you ever get tired of hugs?

Some people never hug...don't like that "close" contact. Others, like me, grew up in a family environment where we hugged all the time...relatives and friends alike.

Types of hugs:
1. The hello, friendly hug.
 A greeting besides just saying "Hello".

2. The "good job" hug.
Watch sports. Don't teammates sometimes hug each other after a particular good play or win?

3. The "everyone else hugged you so I better" hug.
The quick call hug. You're at a party/event/whatever. Someone you know enters and you watch as everyone greets this person with a hug. What do you do? You join in and follow the crowd so you don't appear to be "different".

4. The family hug.
Yeah, I got used to this very quickly as a child. If someone was family, you hugged. No brainer there. Big Italian families are "touchy/feely" people.

5. The comforting hug.
These are for times of sadness and a show of commiserating (I'm here, I understand" support.

6. The love hug.
Totally different that the others mentioned above. This one involves romance, love, passion, name it. 
Would you mind a hug from one of these guys? Sure would stir up the hormones!
Go hug someone today...preferably someone like the guys above!

Photos: Flickr: kevindooley, lululemon athletica, rtbookreviews, Corie Howell, ashengrove, Cowboy Ben Alman, snre, SSCusp's photostreams.


  1. Finally a new holiday I can really wrap my arms around! lol
    XXOO Kat

  2. Nice...I have to fan myself. No one home at the moment but my cat and he's not into hugs. Let's see...hubby gets home when? Great blog!

  3. LOL I grew up in a hugging family too, Marianne.

    Nancy, one of our cats, Midnight, gets up on my hubby's chest and puts her paws on either side of his face and kisses him. She'll grab his arm with both paws and hug him. lol

  4. I grew up in a family that hugged also. My husband, not so much. He learned though:-)

    Sandy, we have a big ole' dog who will wrap her paw around your arm to let you know she wants to be petted. I have no idea who taught her this because she showed up this way;-)

  5. Here's a big hug for you.
    Great blog. I'm a hugger too and love to give and get 'em. Never enough. Love to hug my 'hunk' any time I can. And love his hugs back. Bestest hugs in the my book :)

  6. Our family rarely hugged as I was growing up, now I wish they'd hug a little less! LOL

  7. Hugs to all of you for leaving a comment! HA!


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