Saturday, June 12, 2010

Finally beginning to step clear of Brain Lock...

It's been a hard three months..

And I don't refer to hard boiled. I feel sorta like the poor little guy above, though. Like I have been slogging around in a pot of boiling liquid. Trying to climb out.

When my publisher changed me around due to my last editor going back to the "real world" to work, I thought things would go on as before. But I find myself really missing the supportive atmosphere, and the feeling that my prior editors really liked my work. I just can't seem to "connect" with my newest one. Not her fault. It's just me.

I never thought I would admit it, but that is one of the most difficult things I've faced in this business.

It's been a four month drought for me, book wise. I've never gone this long between books, and it looks like it isn't going to end soon. I have not posted to my blogs...I have not bothered to respond to loop posts. It's like I am slowly dying inside. So the only thing to do is pick myself up and slap my face and make myself move forward. Which is why my cheeks are bright red, and I am writing this Saturday post a bit late, but I AM doing it.




  1. Good for you, Fran! I was so worried about you. Glad things are looking up. Bette J.

  2. Me, too. You did such a wonderful job on my biography! you sweetie!

  3. Oh sweetie. I hope this passes soon. You have wonderful, HOT stories to tell. Don't leave us hanging. :) HUGS

  4. Hi, Fran! I'm still hanging in there with you! I understand exactly what you are saying and how you are feeling. I've been coping with some big changes in my own world and wondering how it will all turn out! You are a smart, funny, sassy'll be OK : )

  5. The entire theme of this past spring seems be, "Say your sweet good-byes and let it go."
    Personally I feel a huge cycle has ended in my life and the new has yet to start. This is limbo world and you're not alone here. Patience, persistence and blind faith seem to be the order of the day.
    On the other hand this is an excellent time to take radical chances with your writing because what the hell do you have to loose?
    As a painter I found that hellish fallow cycles were always followed by a burst of something new. Relax, the sooner you accept it the sooner it will start to happen.
    XXOO Kat

  6. Yo...great author...pull up those big girl panties and charge out into the world again!
    You are talented and a wonderful friend...helpful and supportive. Get yourself psyched and even if another book isn't in the works yet, do your blogs and interviews. We want to see you "OUT" there!
    HINT: You have another blog to do on Tuesday! Be there or I'll yell! :)

  7. Well, shit Fran! What a tough time! I love you, you know that! Call me anytime.

  8. Oh boy, do I understand what you're going through!!? I'm here for you.


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