Sunday, May 16, 2010

New man in my life...and yours!

Grant Warwick is the new man in my life!
Scrumptious, no?
He's an international security expert who owns his own company, his own jet, his own set of rules. And the only woman who ever broke into his heart was a cute trick in bad shoe leather.
Now she's sought him out in Venice and poor sap that he is, he can't refuse a lady in distress--or one who's apologizing for leaving him flat three years ago.
Now Grant's got to throw over his pride and help her save her shapely ass from a man she can't identify...and a terrorist plot they must unravel before both of them die.
CARRIED AWAY, the 2nd in my Irresistible Forces series at EC, June 2!
"Turn up the AC!" said Romance Junkies of the 1st in the series, LAID BARE.


  1. Hey you! Congrats and can't wait! He sounds yummy!

  2. Cerise are you trying to tempt us with beautiful people, danger, glamour, erotic tension and thrills in mysterious Venice?
    It's working!!!
    XXOO Kat

  3. JULIA! THANKS! I do ADORE this man. Hope readers do too.

  4. Kat, I am thrilled to take readers to places I've gone, lived and loved in!
    CARRIED AWAY has Venice, Paris, Jerusalem and the West Bank! Plus Naples!
    I want to go now....

  5. Yummy, Yummy. He can carry me away any time!

  6. The cover is intriguing. It seems like his eyes follow you with that sexy "I see you" look!

  7. April, Love your observation! He does have that look, doesn't he?


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