Saturday, May 1, 2010

Is it Saturday AGAIN? Sheesh....

I have been experimenting with promo the last few days, and decided that I really need to promote my back list titles. But how? We all only have a finite number of dollars to spend on promo stuff...right?

So, I decided to try loading a short video with just my book covers, for a couple of seconds each, just to see what caught the readers' attention.

You check out the short montage and tell me if it is something you might want to try...if it is, the first 10 authors who comment on this will get a free montage of their own book covers.




  1. HA-HA! I'm here, too! Love your idea!
    Promo this on RBRU!!!!

  2. Fran I think you have a great idea! Our so-called back titles are still deliciously fresh and ready for consumption. Moving them to the front of the shelf is a great idea.
    XXOO Kat

  3. Love this idea, Fran! And of course you have hot covers.


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