Saturday, May 29, 2010

I'm baaaack....

You might think that a week's vacation would be restful...right?


Not necessarily...

I loved being up in the mountains...loved walking outside in shirtsleeves in a light snow. Loved using only my umbrella to keep from getting soaked in drizzly snowy rain...loved watching the cloud cover lift and the sun filter through to make the pavement steam as it evaporated.

But coming back was a pain in the patootie. Took all of the restful thingy right away, having to load and unload. So, now that I am back to my computer with the normal sized keyboard and a 19-inch flat screen monitor that allows me to view e-mail and stuff larger than pis-ant size, I am back to work.

I am working on a newer, nicer, less jerky montage of my Snowbird photos. I will upload it when it's finished. And next year, if you are going to be in Utah the last week of May, give me a call. Drop in for a day.

Fran Lee


  1. Hi Fran welcome back! I'm looking forward to the photo montage.
    XXOO Kat

  2. Welcome back and your vacation sounded like it was peaceful and calming.
    I need that!
    Frazzled Marianne/April

  3. Ah well...all good things come to an end! The snow must have been a bit weird though! Glad you're back!


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