Saturday, May 22, 2010

I will be out of town for the next week...

I will be at the 7,800 ft level of the Wasatch Mountain range in Little Cottonwood Canyon from this afternoon until next Saturday my timeshare in Snowbird UT.

Those of you who have my cell phone number can reach me easily. I have my laptop here, but no e-mail, since Internet up here costs more than the damned laptop. LOL! I am only 20 miles from home up here, so I will check e-mail every other day.

If you want to see a montage of the place I have, just drop over to my YouTube channel and scope out my Snowbird montage. It's the first video I ever uploaded, just as a test. I contains four years of photos taken from my balcony, from the parking lot, and from the mountainside at Snowbird.

I adore this condo. It's been in my family since the Iron Blosam Lodge was first built in the mid seventies, and I bought it from my sister a few years back. It is my place of utter peace and of those places where you feel at one with nature and the universe. I live for my week there every year.

Do you have a special place you love to go for a peaceful getaway? Tell me about it.



  1. Have fun! If anyone deserves a vacation it's YOU! :)

  2. Fran,
    Have a wonderful, relaxing week!!!

  3. Enjoy! It sounds lovely.
    XXOO Kat

  4. Have fun! I love Snowbird! But Alta is my favorite place to ski.

  5. I won't be on the internet, so have fun without me!

  6. Can I bring a sleeping bag? There's no place to escape to here! Next year...invite us for a party!!!!!
    Have fun and enjoy.

  7.'re on, April! Sort of funny, but every year I have invited friends, and not a soul has ever taken me up on it. The place sleeps 8, and I am usually alone up here.

    YES! I have wi fi up here! YAY!


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