Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Character interview with Eleanor and Jackson!

I have a treat today!

I have two very interesting characters from Tessie Bradford’s latest BDSM themed romance “Possessing Eleanor”. I just finished reading this exciting story and I can’t wait to ask Eleanor and Jackson some inappropriate and very personal questions I have no business asking but I want to do it anyway! lol

Katalina Leon: “Eleanor, I feel like I tagged along on your 1st date with Jackson and followed you both into the bedroom. At first Jackson is very dominant almost arrogant and you’re a self-sufficient woman, what was it about Jackson that allowed you to trust and surrender to him?”

Eleanor Lewis: “Oh, I don’t know, maybe lack of sex for three years?” Jackson scowls and crosses his arms over his impressive chest. Eleanor laughs as she gently lays her hand on his thigh. “Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Okay, I’ll try to be serious. I’d never met a man like him before. Yes he came across a bit strong, but everything he did and said made me feel like I was the most beautiful, important, sexy woman on the planet!”

Jackson Royce: “Because you are, sweetheart.” Eleanor blushes as he lifts her fingers to his lips.

Katalina: “Jackson, what personal quality attracted you to Eleanor at that first surprise meeting in her office?”

Jackson: “I’ll admit I was a bit taken aback when I walked into the room to find papers strewn everywhere and the office manager shimmying out from underneath her desk. When she remained on her knees, on the floor, gazing up at me with those gorgeous, expressive eyes, well, let’s just say all of my buttons were instantly pushed.” He raises and lowers his eyebrows, Eleanor playfully swats his arm.

Katalina: I’m going to push another button… Eleanor, how did you feel about entering into a BDSM relationship?

Eleanor: “Skeptical! My independence is extremely important to me. I worked hard to build my life. The term ‘submissive’ conjured up very negative images. Jackson was very patient in demonstrating the unique benefits of this kind of relationship. For the first time, I trust my partner completely with my heart and body, and know he feels exactly the same.

Katalina Leon: I think it’s a common misconception that a BDSM relationship automatically equates to a loss of independence for the submissive partner. A self-respecting submissive has every right to know exactly what they are getting into. Jackson, was there a point where you were afraid Eleanor might bolt?

Jackson: “Yeah, actually there was. The first time I took her to my house, she had a bit of an episode.”

Eleanor: “As any twenty-first century woman would have! Kat, when he started trying to explain the nuances of a BDSM relationship, it sounded like it was all about him! Talk about pressing someone’s buttons!?

Jackson: “Yes, let’s talk about that. I remember you coming apart in my arms when I…..

Eleanor: “Stop it right now! Nobody wants to hear about the pesky details.”

Katalina: “Actually, we do want to know all the pesky details. An inquiring mind is a nosy mind and just for the record I loved Jackson’s bedroom decor.

Eleanor: “Yes, his room certainly helps to set the mood! Well, that night Jackson truly began to show me how he likes to play! Of course I didn’t know all of the rules yet, so I needed to be shown the error of my ways. Who knew punishment could be so stimulating? Oh, and a blindfold and restraints were new to me! To say it was intense would be a huge understatement!

Katalina Leon: Eleanor, as a novice you were technically not in error. I have a strong suspicion Jackson was going to “punish” you regardless-lucky girl. lol I think you handled yourself beautifully in an emotionally charged and unfamiliar situation. A true BDSM relationship isn’t all about games or toys. It’s one of trust and respect. A Dominant can be responsible and caring for another and a submissive can have the pleasure of knowing they are loved and very much needed by that person. Play nice and everybody’s happy. Jackson, what single thing do you most want Eleanor to understand about you?

Jackson: “That she’s the woman of my dreams and I’ll love her with all of my heart for the rest of my life.” Kat and Eleanor both sigh in unison.

Katalina Leon: It’s so wonderful to see a well matched couple. Eleanor, what was the most important thing Jackson taught you?

Eleanor: “I’ve learned a lot, actually. Most importantly is that I didn’t lose anything when I allowed myself to embrace my submissive side; actually, the exact opposite happened. I’ve never felt so fulfilled in a relationship before. I’m now completely comfortable with the part of myself that really, really enjoys giving up control!

Katalina Leon: As long as it’s done between caring, respectful, committed adults-I think we should all lose control on a regular basis! lol I want to ask Eleanor something very personal, what part of the submission to Jackson did you enjoy the most?

Eleanor: “Being blindfolded! It’s amazing how other senses heighten. And it adds a bit of mystery; wondering what’s coming next.

Katalina Leon: Jackson what is the sweetest thing about having Eleanor surrender herself to you?

Jackson: When she allows me to take care of her, to see to her every need, I know I’m the luckiest guy on the planet.”

Katalina Leon: Dominant gentleman last, Jackson what did Eleanor teach you about yourself?

Jackson: “That what was missing in my life was a strong, independent woman! Trust me, she’s a force to be reckoned with, but that’s what makes tying her down now and then that much more fun!”

Katalina Leon: Good for you Jackson. I want to thank you both for allowing me to tie you down for this interview and spank a few answers out of you. I enjoyed reading “Possessing Eleanor” and I wish you both many happy endings!

Also, I want to congratulate Tessie Bradford on a Top-Pick 4.5 star review for “Possessing Eleanor” from Night Owl Reviews!



  1. I loved interviewing your characters Tessie! Best wishes to all three of you!
    XXOO Kat

  2. Kat, Jackson, Eleanor and I had so much fun doing this interview!!

  3. Great interview! Can Jackson do house calls and bring along a blindfold???


  4. Marianne, I'm betting Eleanor might have something to say about that!!


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