Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bogged Down

I hate to use this excuse two weeks in a row, but the simple fact is – it’s the truth.
I just finished edits for Sliding Home which is coming from Aspen Mountain on June 4th. I’m in the middle of the cover art request. I have to write TWO synopses. I don’t like writing these!
I’m in the middle of writing my cougar story and still trying to finish up self-edits on book three to send off to my editor. I’m barely coming up for air these days.
I’d like to say sorry to everyone for not posting enough here lately. I’m ashamed to say I haven’t been making the rounds too much either. I’ll get back to commenting when life gets a little simpler.
The cold weather has returned to the northeast and I’m not happy. Add in the day job which has picked up…no wonder I’ve had a migraine for three days.
Til next week when I promise to have something to talk about!


  1. Amber you juggle so much, you never have to apologize for not doing more. I think all of us understand that writing means doing at least three other jobs, well. Its crazy what's expected. Relax and know you're doing great.
    XXOO Kat
    I hate

  2. Thanks Kat. I can't help but feel guilty. :)

    One synopsis down - one to go.

  3. Find time to breathe! So much going on...but all good stuff!


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