Monday, May 17, 2010

Beware: Tomorrow is "Visit Your Relatives" Day!

Relatives. Can't ignore them like they don't exist...although you can try! Blood ties are strong, and your extended family is all yours. As the saying goes, "You can choose your friends, but not your relatives". How true!

Everyone has some skeleton in their family closet. Is it the uncle who likes to dress as a woman? The cousin who deals drugs, gets arrested, and embarrasses his family on a routine schedule? How about the aunt who works a night a stripper?

Can't say I've known as any male relative who dresses as a woman, but I have some female relatives who only buy and wear men's clothing. And, I've noticed a few who make routine jail appearances, to the utter dismay of their families. The stripper? Yep. I've known about at least two. Pole dancing, lap-dancing, strippers who made good money but thank God used "stage" names.

What happens when your relatives visit? Chaos or fun? Do they turn your home into a disaster area or leave it clean? Help out or expected to be served?

In my funny contemporary romance book, "Gone to the Dogs" by Marianne Stephens, the heroine, Katie, moves to Kansas to take a new job and live with her Aunt Phoebe and the aunt's underwear-eating dog. That's just the beginning of Katie's adventure in relative-coping! Throw in her aunt's "Mother Nature Earth" chants and a definite 1960s-1970s outlook on life...and Katie figures she's in a "Land of Oz" of her own! 
"Gone to the Dogs" is available in print and as an ebook at:
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  1. Everyone comes to visit us because we're 20 mins from the ocean. It's fun though. I have to admit I have that "cousin" who makes a trip to jail every now and again.

  2. I have a big family and I've been pleasantly surprised by the amount of growth some lost souls in our group have made. It's so encouraging.
    XXOO Kat

  3. The story sounds hilarious! Yes, I have insane relatives. Most are harmless, but I come from a long line of colorful characters. Some were saints, some were very much sinners!

  4. One proposed visit from my mother in law has me heading for the hills! Loved the underwear eating dog lol

  5. Nothing you can do about relatives except grin and hope things don't get too out of hand when they visit or you visit them!

  6. Since I am the official matriarch of my clan of colorful characters, I am totally responsible for all their foibles and silliness. Yep, the inherited it all from MOI!

  7. Oh, aren't families great. lol


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