Saturday, May 8, 2010

Being an erotic author isn't as easy as it sounds...

It isn't as if we all have hot guys hanging all over us all the time...

And it isn't as if we actually DO all those things we write about....

And it isn't as if we can come up with fifty hot new sex positions at the drop of a hat.

YOU try thinking up new descriptions and new sensations for age-old activities and making it "fresh and new" for your readers! It ain't so easy...

I have a great imagination. And a great memory. But when I write an erotic romance, I have to grab the reader and drag him or her into the bedroom with my characters, and keep the readers enthralled and breathing hard throughout.

I have to throw my characters' bedroom doors wide casual fade out as they go into that hot clinch. And that takes a lot of hard work. Emphasis on the hard. Yes, that was a double entendre.

I was asked recently who I pattern my heroes after. What celebrity I imagine as I write these hot scenes. I had to honestly answer that I sometimes picture a body...but never a face. Too embarrassing. If I ever met up with one of my heroes in real life, I would just melt into the floor and hide in the cracks.

How do YOU do it? Do you imagine a celebrity? Or a cover model? Or your son's math teacher? :) How do YOU come up with new ways and descriptions for love-making? Is it difficult for you? Easy? Tell me about it...

Fran Lee


  1. I've never been one to imagine an actual person. The characters are the ones in that bedroom and I'm sort of a voyeur, I suppose, watching the action, imagining the sensations. New positions? Maybe what I find interesting or would like to try.

    Erotic writing boils down to our own interior landscape.

  2. Boy do I have the same problem. Its indeed hard to make each sex scene new and exciting both for the reader and me. I figure if I don't feel something, neither will the reader--or my editors and that's where it really matters. I don't get the whole celebrity thing so imagining Brad Pitt or whoever would never work for me. I do have several 'sex position' books with real models and some of those photographs are true art with great shading, body angles, expressions. Seeing those couples fully engaged in everything sex is about helps me get inside their minds and bodies. That said, writing the sex scenes takes much longer than the rest of the book because of the whole trying to keep it fresh thing and getting the experience across to myself and the ultimate readers.

  3. Sometimes a picture will inspire my character, but if not, I tend to envision the body and face so that I can see the emotion and transfer it to the page.

    I don't do the celebrity thing either but I do refer to pictures for uh...inspiration;-)
    I like to being correct when it comes to "where the noses go". And keeping it fresh is always a challenge!

    Whatever method you use, you must be doing something right Fran because your scenes are always hot!

  4. I've got an image of the hero and heroine in my head as I write. It's their faces and bodies I "watch" and "tell" what to do. I can't say I've tried all the positions I have them do (HA-HA!), but I try to think them through carefully to make sure the positions aren't impossible to do.
    Then again, I wrote a blog about a couple doing 77 positions in 77 maybe what I may think is an impossible positions might not be (for the very limber and flexible!

  5. The characters in my stories are based on real people I know and love. If I don't love and care about them I certainly wouldn't write about them...
    I change the names and settings to protect the un-innocent! lol I use wine and food as my favorite interrogation technique. I invite friends to dinner and ask nosey questions.
    XXOO Kat

  6. I honestly don't know where my heroes come from. They are just in my head, I guess - all variations of either hubby or men I've known or men I wish I'd known.

  7. OMG, April! Are there 77 positions? Hold on, I'm counting...Hmmm, maybe I need to take a class.

    For Instructing Emily, I had the professor do something a little kinky to Emily in his office--I still don't know where the idea came from. My editor wrote, "I've never seen this before, and I don't say that very often." I told her of course she didn't say that often because it's awfully hard to be original with sexual acts. I tend to rely on voice and style much of the time for originality.


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