Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wow...I actually remembered it was Saturday...

Usually I forget about my blog day until it is too late to post, so I did this post Friday evening and made sure it would post at midnight. LOL!


I want to thank some people today, and I want them to know why I appreciate them so very much.

First, I want to thank the many wonderful people I have met since becoming a published author. Six of them co-host this blog with me. Thanks, ladies, for being caring and generous and tolerant of my odd humor and silliness. You have given me so much friendship and understanding, I would be lost without you.

I want to thank Regina, who has fished me out of the pond by my heels when I have jumped in over my head a few times. I want to thank Syneca for giving me a whole new reason for writing. (I must do her fabulous covers justice!)

I want to thank Julia for keeping me grounded whenever I blow a gasket. I want to thank Wendy for being one of the kindest reviewers on earth. I want to thank my other Wendy for being patient! I want to thank Patrice and Annmarie and Cathy and Virginia and Marianne and Kathy and Teri and Margit and Becky and Shannon and April and Kim and Theresa and Julie and Tina and Helen and Grace and Sue-Ellen and Anne and Martha and Valerie and Courtney and Annie and Heather and Jessica and Tiffany and Leigh and...*gasp*...Terra and Frank and Edwin and Bill and Chrissy and James and Bobby and Ryan and Raelene and Rodney and Will and Howard and Desiree and Cindy and Patricia and George and Afton and Dan and Heath and Pauline and Phil and Brynn and Bron and Anny and Jayne and Andrei and Angela and Angelo and Jan and Melissa and Mia and Maddie and Kat and Tessie and Aleka and Nora and Nina and Sheri and Kresley and Carol and Pam and Tatiana and Adele and Ann and Pete and Justin and Rob and Kaenar and Sam (several of you!) and Mari and Edith Celia and Madeline and Mike and Melinda and Michelle and Megan and Francesca and Patty and Patti and Pat and...gasp...okay. If I go through the entire list, I won't have room to tell you how much you have all helped me. I have not met a single person in this wonderful business who has not made me feel welcome, appreciated, and at home.

If I missed anyone's name. my apologies.

So whether you are a publisher, an editor, a reviewer, an author, a reader, a model, or one of the many wonderful support staff who help run the show, I want to thank every single one of you for having made my recent career change to author a smooth and delightful one!


  1. And thank you for all your're one energetic lady and have always been there to help others!
    Congrats on all your successes!

  2. Thank you Fran for the thank you! Its wonderful to have you here on Saturday.
    Now lets get on with "Nothing but Sex"!!!! lol
    XXOO Kat

  3. You're welcome and boy...You have a long list! LOL! Thank you for all your support and help!

  4. Thanks back to you, Fran!! Your friendship and support mean the world to me!


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