Monday, April 19, 2010

Humorous Day - For Funny Scenes, Read My Books!

Yep, Maxine says it all. Reading books can be better than reading fact, making it something with a touch of humor can make such a difference in your life. Putting a smile on your face when you read/see/hear something funny brightens the spirit and can ease stress.

I strive to incorporate humor in my books, even if mystery, danger, or suspense fill the plot. It's that "Ah" feeling you get when laughing at a funny scene or hearing the hero or heroine say something humorous. And, sometimes, that quick smile brought to your face can suddenly catch you off-guard as a serious turn in the plot surprises you.

In "Anything You Can Do", humor plays a big part in the book. How can you throw a clueless male in with a bunch of babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, and not find something to laugh about? I had fun writing this, and used some teaching memories to challenge the hero's sanity.

In "Gone to the Dogs", humor mixed with suspense. I loved writing this in first-person and being in my heroine's head the entire book. Having triplet adversaries, using strange names for the company and drink, and adding people with rhyming names challenged her sanity and made the heroine's story funny.

In "Street of Dreams", humor came into place as my hero and heroine struggled to acclimate to their time-traveled year. Knowing a major blackout was to come but having a stubborn hero not willing to listen, placed the heroine in a funny scene. She refuses to enter an elevator she knows will stall because of the blackout, puts a smile on her face, and waves to the hero in the elevator as the doors close. Then, she ambles down the stairs.

In "Second Sight Dating", the hero and heroine shared funny scenes as she tried and failed to "match" him with dates. Their double date at what they thought would be an animal benefit dinner, turns into a night of dining with dogs. Getting through their evening with dressed-up, howling dogs, only adds to the humorous scene when the hero's date and the heroine's date ditch them.

In "Strip Poker for Two", funny scenes mix with the hero and heroine's sexy encounters.The heroine immediately makes you smile as she blurts out her added condition for a "LOVE" contest. Bring underwear?

Did she really say that? Recalling their youthful memories of the hero's tuba-serenading days as he tried to win the heroine's heart, will make you grin.

In "Sexy Games", testing adult role-playing games done by the hero and heroine turn funny, especially when they play "The Stripper and the Nerdy Professor". "Teaching" the hero about pole dancing/lap dancing and stripping for him quickly catches your attention and their funny banter changes to lusty passion as their "game" continues.

So, find something to laugh/smile/grin about today...maybe a scene from one of my books? How about these funny scenes?

Okay...I couldn't stop laughing at this one. Seems like there's a story here. Maybe the heroine is a divorcee and her son crashes her bridge party with his "headgear". How will she explain her sudden interest in "adult toys"?

This sign gets my creative mind churning. What do a hero and heroine do upon reaching this SPEED HUMP?

Enjoy Humorous Day!

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  1. Thank you for a good laugh! Speed HumP?! lol
    XXOO Kat

  2. Oh I love humor in romances and yours are the best!!

  3. Thanks all! I laughed out loud at the rhino one...and of course, Maxine is always funny!

  4. So laughing at the rhino one. It's why I keep my toys locked up. LOL I love humor in romance. Keeps me in my happy place.

  5. I love books that have humor in them. I just can't write them. lol


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