Monday, April 26, 2010


WARNING: DON'T LOOK BELOW IF EASILY OFFENDED! Now that I have your attention (did you already scroll down to peek?), on with my "HUG A FRIEND DAY" blog!

Friends. Everyone wants them and some may be lifelong people you can count on. Friends can commiserate, cry, laugh, with you and share your good and bad times.

Do you keep in touch with friends? Now with the Internet, it's easier to send messages and keep up to date with what's going on in their lives. And, finding old friends again can be great!

New friends are wonderful, too. Finding someone who shares your interests makes you more at ease in their presence. I love all my new reader and author friends...I can talk to them by email and meet people in different countries. I know authors and have fans all over the world.

Now...Hunk friends. Not too many I personally know, but fantasizing is a great stress reducer. The older I get, the more tantalizing a sexy guy becomes and gives me that "AH" feeling of my wicked days-gone-by. Oh, sure...I was a wild woman in my younger days, chased the guys, let them chase me, sometimes got caught...but those stories haven't been told yet, and may never be.

These guys would make wonderful friends I'd love to hug...repeatedly. What do you think? Just look at the muscles (especially the one on the far right) and imagine being embrace in a "friendly" hug...hopefully lasting all night!

So, maybe I should write a series of "Hugging Hunks" Romance Adventures? I could give them names, personalities that suit my romance story plot, "expose" their attributes...and your naughty mind is thinking of what each one holds in his hand...but I'm, of course, talking about those muscles, sculpted torsos, great smiles, etc. SURE!

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  1. I have NO IDEA what's in your post...except for the PICTURE!

  2. Boy I could sure use a hug from such friendly looking guys!!

  3. I like a man who can hold his own! lol
    XXOO Kat

  4. OMG! You always do this - make me spit out my coffee! Nice hunks! Very nice!

  5. I'm happy to start your week off right...good-looking guys will chase the Monday blues/back to work week routine away!
    I dread every minute researching these pics...NOT!!!

  6. The one on the right has the best smile. lol
    You know what I was looking at.

  7. April,

    You have a knack for finding the cute guys. I always know where to turn for a little eye candy.


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