Thursday, October 1, 2009

You Did Not Just Ask Me That!

If I had written a book about wolf shifters, would people expect me to turn furry?

When my sci-fi book releases, will people think I actually know aliens from the planet Argon? Of course not. So why do some people imply or actually come out and ask how much of Ageless Desires is about me and my own experiences? Sure, it’s a contemporary story set in regular places; an office, a restaurant, a home. The heroine is a middle aged woman. What about these very common things suggests the story is about me? Nothing. It’s the sex that has them wondering.

I’m not a raving beauty, but mirrors don’t shatter in my presence. I have all of the right parts in the right places, although some of them are larger or smaller than I’d like. I have a husband and children. I think it’s more than logical that I would know about sex!

I readily admit to enjoying yanking peoples chains any chance I get. My sarcasm and questionable sense of humor are well known to my friends and coworkers. Some of my answers to their questions follow.

1. No, despite your obvious appeal, the character of Bryan is not based on you.
2. Just because I don’t use certain words in day to day conversation doesn’t mean I’m not familiar with them.
3. My husband is more than okay with the fact I write ‘those kinds of books’.
4. Well, I certainly hope I don’t burn in hell, but I guess it’s possible.
5. Don’t you think if I’d had sex with two younger guys, I might have bragged about it?
6. Yes, a great deal of research was involved. Thank God my kids are out of the house.
7. Your generation does not hold exclusive rights to that particular act.
8. I’m sorry, but I have no control over the fact your girlfriend is concerned about us working together.

If I had known being an author of erotic romance was going to be so entertaining I would have submitted a manuscript years ago!


  1. ROFLMAO! Oh, doll, you! Love the answers!

  2. Hey you forgot one question, if your children are ok with you writing those kinds of books. My answer to that is HELL YES we're ok with it and both of us are very proud of you, you alien loving, worry wort, of a mother.

    Love you


  3. Tessie be flattered that friends and coworkers suspect the worst. It's a testament to the vivid description of detail in your writing! Now please come clean are the men of Argon really interested in Earth chicks? lol
    XXOO Kat

  4. Funny! Funny! Funny! Nobody IRL knows what I do!

  5. Oh, except for hubby and kids but kids don't read my stuff!

  6. Fran, I've had some incredibly entertaining conversations with people!

    Sarah, you know how much I appreciate your support.

    Kat, thanks for the compliment! Regarding Argon males: they believe Earth women are "gifts sent by the Gods" and Argon culture revolves around enjoying pleasures of the flesh in every conceivable manner as many times as possible!

    Julia, I'm too much of a talker to NOT let people know what I'm up to! My son, age 30, read Ageless and received answer #7!! My daughter, age 20, hasn't read my books, but listens to me talk endlessly about them as long as the conversation stays PG-13 (not always easy to do!)

  7. Hey Tessie,
    It's really funny when I read about it from your perspective...from a reader's perspective such as I...with our vivid imaginations can't help but hope that the author is at least living an outrageously wild that we can live vicariously through you :P

    Happy Reading!!!
    Anna Shah Hoque

  8. Mirrors don't shatter? Keep practicing and eventually you'll be able to reach those high notes! lol
    Love your answers. If there is a special rotisserie down below, with your name on it - enjoy. Who wants to be alone up above anyway!

  9. Anna, now just because I don't claim ownership of certain aspects of the story doesn't mean that.....????? Ha Ha! Thanks so much for commenting.

  10. Pamela: you are so funny! I have to tell you something. The people (and yes, it's been more than one) who feel compelled to tell me how bad I am, HAVEN'T read the book. When I press them for specifics of what bothers them so much, they fall back on statements like, "I've heard" it has "dirty" sex! What a riot!

  11. Typical! We call those types, craw thumpers - you know, forever beating their breast and tutting over something! They kiss the altar rails every Sunday and back bite everyone on Monday. They are to be avoided at all costs - gospel according to my sainted mother!lol

  12. Tessie, Love your answers! And yeah, I'm surprised by the amount of people who will comment without ever reading a word of your work!

  13. I tell people I'm old enough to know all the body parts and what to do with them. Even my s-i-l asked if I write my erotic books from, I'd ever give a straight answer to that? I usually say "I'm very creative" and leave it that way.

  14. How lucky are we to be able to inspire intense reactions from both our fans and our crtics!!

  15. Okay - 'crtics' can now comment on my spelling!


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