Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday's Scribe Blogging Again...

I am receiving a lot of entries for my October Treasure Hunt, but a large number have incorrect answers. So here is a hint to those of you who may want to resubmit your entries...

Read the clues carefully, and follow directions to the letter. Some entrants simply missed one step in the clues, so I am allowing you to send a second entry if you look again, and realize your answers are not correct. LOL!

But when you send your second entry, be sure to tell me that this entry replaces your original entry.

The prize in this Treasure Hunt is a full set of all four of my published erotic romance books, plus a full set of four large-sized, glossy cover flats specially autographed for the winner!

If you already have all four books, just let me know, and I will substitute a marvelous CD (personalized for the winner) containing thirty Classic Romances, Adventures, Fairy Tales, or Horror books (you choose from the books in my online store) plus the glossy cover flats! So either way, you are a winner!

Have fun!

Fran Lee


  1. Wow! Fran you're giving away real treasure!
    Congratulations on the great review for "Dictated by Fate" from Night Owl Romance!
    XXOO Kat

  2. Ditto what Kat said;-) I just keep seeing good reviews for all of your books on the sites. You're on a roll! More! More!

  3. Is that a hot cover or what for "Her Own Set of Rules"? Can't wait to read it (and put a face to the cover guy's yummy bod)!

  4. Actually, the hot bod belongs to Bobby K. Bobby is one of EC's favorite cover models. He's a Chippindale and you can find loads of covers with him on them over at EC's website! I asked specially for him to be on my cover. Yummmm. And no...he is not...

  5. That's so cool that you requested him and got him. He is very yummy!


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