Thursday, October 15, 2009


I have reached another milestone in my life – I attended my first convention!

Romanticon was a blast! Meeting the wonderful authors, readers, editors and Ellora’s Cave staff members was so much fun – it was one wild, ultra-friendly group of romance loving people. I’m thrilled that I met in person many of the authors I’ve been getting to know on the internet over the last year. There was a ton of hugging and laughing and partying going on!

I also learned a great deal, especially about promo and marketing. The general consensus is:

Paper items end up in the trash. If you are doing book marks, it is better to advertise your name and website instead of doing individual ones for each book.

Pens are great because they travel. How many times have you left one someplace or picked one up that didn’t belong to you?

Magnets, nail files, rulers, drink cozies and key chains are extremely popular – think useful!

Readers LOVE book trailers! The Voyeur Lounge was a room set up with tables and chairs and a screen where trailers played all day. I stopped in there many times during the weekend, and there were always people watching and jotting notes down. I heard readers saying they preferred ones that clearly displayed the cover, title and author’s name – can I give a BIG shout out to Fran for her incredible creations!!

Contests – keep them coming! People love winning or the prospect of winning free stuff. They don’t, however, like ones that are overly complicated.

I can’t wait until Romanticon 2010! It’s already scheduled for October 8th through 10th.

Tessie Bradford


  1. Thank you Tessie! This was great information. I can sincerely say I wish I had been there with you! Maybe 2010... lol
    XXOO Kat

  2. What useful information, Tessie! Thanks so much for sharing. I am going to do everything possible to be there next year.

    And Kudos to Fran for all the book trailers that were displayed!

  3. Kat and Amber, I'm glad you found this useful! I hope both of you can be there next year!

  4. Must have been lots of fun to meet everyone. Glad you learned some new things about promo!

  5. I wish I could have gone. Next year, I will be there with bells on. Thanks for the kudos! I loved making all of those trailers. I sent in 30 of them.

  6. Julia, I found the convention such a wonderful learning experience on many levels. I feel energized as an author!

    Fran, I think we sexy scribes who attend next year should all wear "bells" - it could be our shtick (ha-ha)!! Seriously, there were all styles of trailers, and both my husband and I felt that many of them were overdone and difficult to figure out what book was being promoted! Hubby had never seen any other trailer except the one you did for Ageless, but after a very short time of watching, he was able to pick out the ones you designed and kept complimenting them on their eye-catchingness!

  7. GLAD YOU WENT! I am signing up first day possible!
    Sounds divine.
    Pleasure that lasts. THAT's what I'm into!

  8. Cerise, we are going to have one hell of a party next year, aren't we??

  9. Thanks, Tessie! Oh! And anyone who wants a trailer made of any fabulous hot cover should mention it NOW. Do it before I start charging a small fee. LOL! I have had to purchase royalty free music for a lot of the trailers lately, and they are upping the cost of my membership over at OneTrueMedia. (Yes, I have the premium service that allows me more goodies). LOL!


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