Friday, October 2, 2009

Reasons Why...

My First Romance - Don't Laugh!

Of course I read Fear of Flying - years ago, that's not really romance, but what got me into romance was a real fear of flying. Fighting panic on a flight to Austin, Texas, another passenger handed me a romance novel and low and behold...I forgot to be afraid! She let me keep the book and it became my fear of flying book, my talisman if you wish. The simple story got me through flights for several years.

The book is - The Charm Stone, by Donna Kauffman, and it is indeed, charming...a little goofy, but delightful. It certainly did the trick when it came to distracting me from my fear of flying! Of course, I've since graduated to other authors and I've overcome my fear, but The Charm Stone will always have a special place in my heart.

Romance accomplishes so many things - it warms the heart, it provides hope, distraction, a happy ending and there are far too few happy endings in real life. The more romance I read, the more I came to realize that I too had stories to tell, stories of love and hope and challenges overcome and yeah, hot sex. Romance is just plain old fun and fun is vastly underrated, while angst is vastly overrated in my opinion. I don't need to read about angst - I live it, I work with it. When I read, I want to be in a Calgon commercial - take me away....


  1. I couldn't agree more - a good romance book makes me smile no matter what else is going on around me!

  2. A good book is a time machine! I'm with you Julia I wouldn't dream of boarding a plane without a great book in hand.
    XXOO Kat

  3. I was flying from Scotland, using my computer for a WIP and I didn't realize another passenger was reading over my shoulder. He said it helped him forget how nervous he was about the flight! LOL!

  4. I'll bet! He was probably in a dither and trying not to grab the flight attendant as she passed in the aisle. Must've kept him pretty distracted! LOL!

  5. Oh you!!! Yeah, I was working on a pretty hot scene...

  6. This is actually a great idea for a scene! Julia you should use it in a book. lol
    XXOOO Kat

  7. We need more romance and less hatred in the world. What a happier place we could live in together in peace and love.
    Uh...getting ready for RomantiCon's 60s-70s party on Friday and got carried away!


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