Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Can you hear me now?

Yes, unfortunately we can hear some cell phone users loud and clear. Cell phones have made private lives public. Especially when callers insist on shouting into them like megaphones. If a caller can be heard talking across the street they’re talking too loud. I know this is not a new topic but it is a growing menace as the cooler weather drives everyone indoors and stepping outside to politely take a phone call becomes less of an option.

I got caught next to a one-man cellular transmission tower the other day. I was walking into a market. A man followed behind me who was very tall. He loomed over me and stood uncomfortably close. Without warning his booming voice filled my ears. I was so startled I jumped.

“I’m in the market!”  He blared inches from my ear. This man had no volume control. He shouted as if he was at a football game. He began his hands free shopping. No phone was visible, so it appeared he was psyching himself up for the hunt.  He shouted. “I’m walking past the frozen foods! It’s f@#$ing cold in here!”

I moved away from him but I could still hear him and so could everyone else in the market. As the man loudly described his surrounding, I began to wonder who was on the other end of this phone call? Were they new to this planet? Had they never seen a market before? Did they really need to hear this?

He continued. “How many aisles down? I’m turning now. I’m on the cereal aisle. I’m looking at f@#$ing boxes of cereal. Do we want cereal? I won’t eat it. How the f@#$ do I know?”

He got a dirty look from a young mom with kids who was also trying to purchase f@#$ing cereal but he didn’t take a hint and quiet down. He actually got louder. A moment later it was time to shop for f@#$ing eggs a process, which was fraught with more indecision and frustration than you can ever imagine. The man was compelled to discuss every detail with the person on the other end of the call and it wasn’t a happy discussion.

NASA does less hand holding with astronauts who space walk.

The personal products aisle was next. I heard one side of an argument about “Butt Medicine.” It got graphic. I was floored. What happened to courtesy and common sense manners? Did this man truly not realize women and children heard every crass word he said in public? Is this okay with him and the rest of us? I’m a shrimp and he was huge so I was reluctant to get tough with him. I took my cowardly revenge by writing this blog. Does this foul-mouthed trend bother anyone else?

XXOO Katalina Leon.


  1. People just do not think about their private space and others' any longer.
    Yesterday, I had a similar circumstance. Went to the club to space out (had been writing and editing like a fool and needed it), got on the treadmill. Bear in mind at this club I belong to, there are more than 50 treads to pick. Some in corners, etc. where, if you like, you can have a conversation at the top of your lungs with a buddy.
    Of course. You know what's coming.
    One woman finds her Long Lost Friend on a mill and OMG, they have more to talk about, running (MIND YOU, RUNNING!) at 6.0 speed. I hoped they had a heart attack for all the hand waving and throat-exposing laughter they got into. Topic? This will kill you. They must have been lawyers. Defense attorneys. Who did not care for their clients. No foolin'. They talked about them like they were insects. AT THE TOP OF THEIR LUNGS.
    I shot them a few looks. They glared back.
    I caught a similar look radiating toward them from the guy on the other mill to the other side.'
    Did they take a hint?
    He and I moved.
    What is wrong with people?
    Courtesy is gone.
    But then, too, I wonder about those clients of theirs.
    okay. RANT OVER!
    Thx for the post, Kat!
    I needed that.

  2. It really annoys me when I'm at the bank/credit union. I have to go every day for work and I swear the lobbies have cave-like echoes. One of the credit unions has big signs asking people to NOT use a cell phone and I have watched as they continue babbling while standing directly in front of the sign! Courtesy is a lost concept.

  3. I think it's sad many people don't realize showing strong disrespect for others is a reflection of the disrespect they must feel toward themselves. I actually couldn't bring myself to get angry with that man in the market because he was so unconscious and pitiful on so many levels. I just walked away and wrote an angry blog instead! lol
    XXOO Kat

  4. Sometimes a phone conversation can't be helped - like when my kids call me and I'm standing in the checkout line at the grocery store. I know it's rude and if I can get away with it, I tell them I'll call them back, but sometimes it's an emergency - because lately everything is an emergency! What I do hate is cell phones left on at the movie theater or at a play. Hate that!

  5. LOL! I was at a movie with the kids years back, and the yakker in the row behind us got to laughing and talking on the phone. I went out to the concession stand and asked to talk to the manager. After a small conversation he said he would take care of it. He asked me where we were seated. I got back to my seat, and the yakker was still going a mile a minute.

    About three minutes later, the movie stopped, the house lights went up, and a voice came over the speakers..."Would the lady in the green jacket with the cell phone at her ear please decide what she wants to do...1.) take the call outside, 2.) shut the phone off, or 3.) or finish your conversation and we'll wait for you."

    After about half a minute, the blonde glances up, looks around at hundreds of eyes glaring at her, and says " you back later."

    When the movie started again, it began at the spot where she had started yakking, so the rest of us got to hear the actors.

    I nearly died laughing.


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