Sunday, October 11, 2009

Leg men and breast men are a big question mark

Know any? Understand them?
I recently released a menage at EC, HER THREE-WAY MERGER, where one hero declared himself to be fascinated by women's breasts. Shape, size, ability to...well, you get me.
In the same story, his brother favored another part of the female anatomy, farther south of the breasts.
This kind of localization of attraction doesn't translate for me to male body parts.
Why not?
Because when I see a man who takes my breath away it is usually the whole package, all put together in such a way that I am stunned.
At my fitness club, I get to find lots of these guys. (What do you pay your club dues for, huh?) I also get to stare. Fall off the treadmill. Drop the dumbells on my toes. Clamp my mouth shut cuz I'm drooling down my t-shirt.
The jaw of a guy who works out is usually no recessive trait, but a handsome wide expression built by hormones and featuring a luscious mouth. His neck and shoulders thrill me. Solid, sculpted. The pecs, luscious lickable things. The abs, washboard and inviting to my inquisitive fingers. The hips. Man, do I like the hips tight. Neat. Leading down to hollows in the groin. The ass. Be still my heart. The thighs. (Yes, I am skipping downward, girls.) The thighs are long ropes of taut muscle. I like the calves, too. Body-builders' calves. More than runners.
Most of all, I like the grace of a man who works out. He walks like a man of the jungle. Sure-footed, head high, alert eyes, arms that swing, fingers that reach and caress the barbells as he grips them and lifts them with an ease belied by his gritted teeth and flowing breath.
And I am breathless.
And not getting my workout done!
What thrills you about a great looking man? Is it one characteristic that turns you on every time? And what is it, bella?
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  1. It is the FEELING I get when a man walks into a he knows his own importance, but isn't flaunting it. The way he stands, acts, and looks at others like he is interested in what they say. He must be well made, but not necessarily heavily muscled. Don't get me wrong...I wouldn't say no to Arnold but I also would not say no to Hugh. In fact, I probably wouldn't say no to that last remark...

  2. LOL oh Fran!

    I agree with Fran. I definitely get a feeling when I see a man. Butterflies, if you will, that make my heart race and my face flush. I prefer someone not overly built, but someone who works out. Great post!

  3. Confidence, intelligence, a sense of humor, a nice sculpted face with a shadow beard and a body that's not too bulked up. I like my men more runner-ish, on the lean side with broad shoulders, a nice chest and arms and my hubby has great legs! I've never been one to fall for big muscles - defined, yes, but not bulky.

  4. A man's smile, eyes and posture give so much away about his health. I definitely appreciate a man who takes care of himself and brings out what's naturally best about his body type. Plus you can never go wrong with toned abs and broad shoulders! lol
    XXOO Kat

  5. Two eyes, two ears, one nose...I'm not too picky at my age...:P


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