Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Katalina Chats with Tessie!

Take a sip from Tessie Bradford's "Oasis of Pleasure"!

My very talented friend and sister “Scribe” Tessie Bradford has a wonderful new book “Oasis of Pleasure” available this Friday from Ellora’s Cave. I asked Tessie how it felt to venture into the world of ménage Science Fiction.

Tessie Bradford: I am a huge fan of space travel and aliens! Lost in Space, Star Trek, Star Wars, Space 1999 (does anyone remember that show from the 70’s?), are some of my favorites, and Barbara Hambly’s Dark books are beloved re-reads. I was so excited to have the freedom to explore world building, and to have ultimate power to create an entire race and culture! Writing in a ‘no set rules’ creative mode, how could I possibly limit the love play to one woman/one man!?

KL: Your heroine Elizabeth gets thrown out of all her comfort zones. She is even forced out of her planet and time frame and can’t return to anything familiar. Are you drawing on personal experience here?

TB: I was actually thrown out of my comfort zones AFTER this book was contracted! My editor was changed, which was very scary for me because I’d gotten comfortable with my first editor’s ways. Mary pushed me to hone my writing skills, and to greatly deepen the original story and characters. It was a difficult journey, but I am forever in her debt! I’m so proud of the final version of Oasis of Pleasure.

KL: I know you’re an adventurous woman, how are you like Elizabeth and which part of her journey would you most want to experience for yourself?

TB: I hope I am like Elizabeth in her strength of character and adaptability. If faced with a mind boggling, boundary pushing, life altering event, I choose to believe I would ultimately embrace all of its infinite possibilities!
I still get goose bumps when I re-read the scene where Hagan and Gareth finally introduce Elizabeth into all it means to make love to two Argon males. At one point, Elizabeth is standing naked in the middle of the bedroom. Her arms are restrained above her head with a piece of silk wrapped around a hook which dropped from the ceiling at Hagan’s command. He proceeds to recline in a chair and eloquently direct Gareth to prepare her body for their ultimate possession. I truly think I’d be able to deal with that, and with what came afterwards!

KL: Ultimate possession? Yes please! Exactly how far away is Argon? I have frequent flyer miles I need to spend…lol. I think I could fall in love with Hagan and Gareth. Tell me, do you fall in love with your heroes? Why did you choose these two personalities or did they choose you?

TB: I am head over heels in love with both Hagan and Gareth! They really are two parts of a yummy whole! In a way they chose me because, once I started writing, they evolved in ways I never imagined. Hagan is a true Dom; ultra confident, powerful and intense. He commands, and loves, and protects with extreme passion. Gareth is so open, and fun loving, and easy going; the perfect balance and mate for Hagan and, ultimately, Elizabeth. I had no pre-conceived idea of an Argon relationship, and the boys showed me the way. An Argon family unit forms out of love; there are no cultural barriers that dictate number or gender. How cool would it be to have that kind of sexual freedom?

KL: I’m sold! Argon it is. For future reference, if I take a ride on an Argon spaceship, what must I try and what must I avoid?

TB: I would recommend heading straight for one of the pleasure rooms. Argons spend a great deal of quality time in these areas, which are designed for uninhibited, group sexual play. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, indulge in a bit of Gaya juice, but be very careful - the aphrodisiac has an extremely powerful effect on Earth women!
Definitely avoid extended contact with the Langon race. They are untrustworthy, deceitful, and creepy as all get out. Lizards should never walk erect or have the power of speech!

KB: Thank you Tessie. I think I got it: Gaya juice-yes. Langon lizard men-no. I should probably write this down…lol!
I’m off to enjoy the “Oasis of Pleasure”!!! Available this Friday from Ellora’s Cave.


  1. Tessie best wishes to you! Anyone who likes Sci-fi and steamy romance will love Oasis of Pleasure.
    XXOO Kat

  2. Thanks for doing this interview, Kat - it was great fun!!

  3. Great interview!!! Looking forward to reading the book!!!

    Happy Reading!!!
    Anna Shah Hoque

  4. Thanks, Anna! Let me know what you think.

  5. Nice book...nice interview...nice cover...sigh!

  6. Thanks, Julia! I am thrilled with the cover. A couple of people have commented on the fact that the guys look like they might be twins? Although that is not the relationship of Hagan and Gareth, those two gorgeous men might inspire me to write their story one day!

  7. Yay, Tessie! Thanks for the great interview, Kat!


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