Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's Saturday Once Again...

It has been an interesting summer...

Since June, I have had four books published, and the early excitement has died down to a pleasant anticipation of adding still more titles to my backlists. I have two more titles coming from in November, and one in February, but I have to get on the stick and get my hot stories finished and in to my editors so that I will have about one book a month coming out.

Why one book a month? Mainly because once a book moves off the main front page of the publisher's sales site, it is virtually forgotten. The hot sales of that first two or three weeks wind down to a few here and a few there...and if I don't build my back-list, and keep new ones coming, any income from my books will dwindle down and totally fizzle. *POOF*

Even the reviews that come out weeks or months after your book releases barely generate a bit more interest, because most folks don't go looking for reviews. It's actually up to the author to continue to promote and keep these books, book reviews, and back-list books in the public eye!

I got a Google alert that my RP title Dictated by Fate was on ARe. Then on FictionWise. I got all excited. WOW! And then I went to LOOK for my books.

Unless you actually enter the title or the author, no one would find you in years amid all those thousands of romance books! So the reader must dig through zillions of listings before yours show up.

I don't mind letting a reseller take a fair bite out of my royalty checks...but Amazon takes a giant three-quarters of my royalties just for the privilege to be on their site. I would have to sell 1,000 books through Amazon to get what I would if only 250 books sold from the pub's site.

Which would you prefer? Getting folks to buy from your publisher's site, or letting big resellers drain away a very hefty share of your income? So I am promoting like crazy, doing contests, and directing folks to where I will realize the most my two publishers' websites!

If given a choice, I might refuse to go through Amazon at all. FW and ARe are fine...they take a much smaller bite. But Amazon? *sigh* It's good to be king...

How do YOU feel about this?

Fran Lee


  1. YEP, FRAN, I agree that these sub-sellers really do take a huge hunk of your author profits. It makes your royalties less than dog meat.
    But for those sites/publihsers that sell direct, the difference is utterly astounding!
    One a month is certianly the ticket. For me too.
    My current hcallenge is that I am trending toward longer...and more complicated.
    Hard to be on task with one a month that way!
    BUT I love what I it'll come. I say.
    For you too!

  2. Most of my sales come from Amazon and tho they might be slow initially, they pick up and remain steady. I WANT to be on Amazon with the rest of the mainstream writers. There are ways to promote your book there too. Yes, once your book is off the main page, sales die down but it's those third party sellers that keep them in the public eye. Ask for an ARE interview or radio interview if you haven't had one - sales will increase. One a month is tough - good luck!

  3. I write slowly and for my own entertainment. I spend months on a book, which means I must take paying work on the side. I wish Amazon would adopt a sliding scale for small volume ebooks, which require no second party shipping and mailing costs. The distributors and the shippers make so much more than than the creators of the product. This is a very unbalanced model and it will be interesting to see what happens in the future if Amazon ever gets some real competition.
    XXOO Kat

  4. Fran, you are a master of promo! A book a month? As a fan, can I say "YEAH"!? As an author, can I tell you I'm in awe of your work ethic!?

  5. I strive for the same book a month as you Fran. I've recently slowed down to a snails pace, so I have a lot of catching up to do. Sales have been good to me at ARe and FW, but I've yet to see any for Amazon, so I can't agree or disagree. Though if they take a huge cut, I'd probably disagree! :)

  6. I appreciate having some light shed on the process. Amazon is simple/easy from a readers perspective, but when given the opportunity I would rather buy from the other retailers so the writers are paid more fairly.


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