Friday, October 9, 2009

Hello Amber! Edits!

Christmas in October!!!

I love quote Ginger Rogers from How to Marry a Millionaire...simply adore 'em!

When my editor returns my story with the first or second set of edits, my heart beats fast, the blood rushes through my veins and I open that email like it's the best Christmas present I have ever received. I love to see what my editor has said, changed, added, subtracted, suggested.

Maybe it's because I was an editor myself back in college and I enjoyed nothing more than digging right in and cleaning up what might potentially turn out to be a great work of art. Must be my obsessive-compulsive nature.

My new editor, hereafter known as CD, is amazing! She is perfect. She misses nothing, makes hilarious suggestions and comments and forces me to pay attention to the little things. I am so grateful to have her.

So to answer the question you posed in your previous post, Amber, I have a blast with edits!


  1. I love it when my editor sends me a 238 page book with only six things to fix. I have it back to her in ten minutes. LOL! Of course, not all of them are that simple...&^%@$&()**!!!

  2. Wow Fran I once sent a 6 page book and got 238 pages of edits back! lol
    I agree with Julia. It's so exciting to have an editor choose your story, believe in your ability and then work with you to make your writing the best it can be. I love my creative, keen-eyed editor!
    XXOO Kat

  3. Fran, you are the queen of no edits! I don't normally have too much to do, since I edit as I go, but I have this problem with adverbs...

  4. My edits from editors tend to be short and rather simple. Proud of that, I am also terrified every time I see them posted...and fear opening the email!!!

  5. Okay ladies, I obviously didn't make myself clear in my post. I don't like to edit the story after I wrote it, but BEFORE it goes off to the editor. Or what some call the rewriting stage. I absolutely hate that stage.
    I do love the first round edits when the editor sends them, but after two or possibly three, I'm sick of the story once again. At this point I might have written a couple new books and I'm deep in that story.
    Just my .02! :)


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