Monday, October 5, 2009

CURSES - The Kind You "Put" on People

I'll never forget the stories my mother told me about my great-grandmother. Apparently she wasn't an easy woman to live fact, in her later years it was hard to find one of her children willing to take her in and care for her.

We're talking about the 1930s, when nursing homes/assisted living facilities weren't available. Dear sweet great-granny was anything but that and somewhat of a nasty person...and that's only considering her good days. No doubt that her life had been difficult, but her attitude made her children's and grandchildren's lives miserable.

Angelina used "curses" to torment people and threaten them when she didn't get what she wanted. As she aged, her "evil eye" tirades increased, and the family grew to ignore her as she also seemed to drift into what we now know would be called episodes of dementia. Although laughing at her "curses", my mother remarks that the family members on the receiving end of Angelina's wrath always harbored a tiny bit of fear.

What if Angelina really did have "the power" she claimed to have? Was the job loss because of her? How about falling and breaking a bone? Or, the breakup of a courtship? Was Angelina responsible?

Curses hold a mystifying effect on some, and it's that "beyond belief" suspicion we have that makes us wonder. Curiosity edges us to try and figure their meanings and factual properties, while the adrenaline pumps in our bodies at the thought that maybe some of them are legitimate.

Great-grandmother Angelina gave an "evil eye" curse the day my grandmother married. She didn't like my grandfather, Rosario, so walked back and forth in front of the church mumbling her "curse" as my grandmother got married inside. She squinted her eyes and pointed at various times during her "curse".

Did it have any effect? None that was noted...although my grandfather died at an early age, leaving my grandmother to raise their children alone. And, times had been tough for them...but wasn't that the norm for that decade?

After all the misery she wished upon family members, especially my grandmother, when it came time to let great-granny move in with someone, it was my grandmother who made room in her house.

Maybe that was the "curse" finally coming to fruition. Angelina's "evil eye" rant meant that my grandmother would one day suffer on a daily basis by having to deal with great-granny in her own home and until she died.

Do you believe in curses? What about the curse of King Tut's Tomb? Is there something mystical about it or just factual/coincidental events that have been made to look suspicious?

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  1. My personal favorite is "May the fleas of a thousand camels nest in your armpits..."

  2. Stephen King wishes the malicious Angelina was his Great Grandmother. She's book fodder. lol
    Congratulations on the Hot! rating for "Street of Dreams."
    XXOO Kat

  3. Love this post! As Sephardic Jews, we are so into worrying about the Evil Eye! Yes, we believe in curses and we believe that you never complement anything because that will attract the attention of the Evil Eye, i.e., Lillith - a demon who comes after babies! I never let my husband say a word about how well the car is running or how nice the garden is growing because the car will immediately break down and the garden will be covered with aphids!

  4. I definitely believe that there are powers in this universe and people who know how to wield them!


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