Thursday, October 22, 2009

Chatting About Shifters

I have shifters on the brain and they won’t leave me alone!

After reading a number of excellent shifter books recently, my creative juices are trying to flow in that direction, but, of course, there is a dam attempting to divert my path. I’m stuck on “What new twist can I bring to the table?”

Beyond posing this question to myself, I threw it out to my daughter, S, and my sister-in law, K. Both are incredibly artistic, open-minded, humorous women; plus K is a gifted, aspiring author. Let me condense some of our separate conversations over the last few days.

Me: Wolves and cats have been done so well, I don’t want to try to compete.
S: What about a giraffe?
Me: Why would someone want to turn into a giraffe??
S: So they could eat a tall tree and see far off into the distance.
Me: That doesn’t inspire ‘romance’ in my mind! What about a Michigan black bear? Big, scary when necessary, devoted to their cubs; it could work.
S: What about a frog?
Me: Again, I have to ask, WHY? Back to the bear, they have to hibernate. How would I address that?
K: They could just not turn during the winter, or you could make their activity greatly limited during those months.
Me: Wow, three months of not wanting to do anything but lounge around, possibly in bed with their partner of choice? Okay, I’m not hating this!
K: What about deer? Family oriented, beautiful, the bucks are regal and are very combative when necessary. And frogs hibernate, too.
Me: Let’s forget the frickin’ frogs! I can’t imagine any being that had the ability to shift deciding to be something at the bottom of the food chain!
K: What about a moose? They’ve been seen in Michigan.
Me: A moose conjures up images of a lumbering, somewhat dimwitted animal to me – sorry to the moose-lovers out there! This image is based on nothing scientific.
S: So cats are out of the question? What about a loveable stray that wanders into your heroine’s life? Or wait; maybe a dog she finds abandoned, needing help?
Me: We’re getting way off track here. I’m going back to the bears!


  1. I love the idea of writing a shifter, but don't feel I have enough knowledge to write one myself. Best of luck to you. Seems the bear is sticking!

  2. Don't forget the hawk - hovering protectively. They are agressive hunters but they can go from one place to another in record time. That could come in handy.


  3. Amber, I've never read a bear shifter story, so I'm still liking that idea!

    K - Hawks are very cool, and I agree that they have many perfect, shifter qualities.

  4. Bears would be okay, but they give off a cuddly vibe, not a fierce vibe - although grizzly bears can be about the nastiest creatures on earth.
    Watch some film footage of bears and then decide. I'm serious about them being cuddly - at least in my imagination.

  5. Ok ok so frogs are out. Tear! I like the hawk idea. I would suggest a snake but I know you don't like them anymore then I do. What about a wild boar? I just watched a Discovery channel thing about boars and how they are huge and mean and have been attaching people! Oh or how about a shark? That would be so cool.
    I am going to continue to think of weird animals and bug you with them! lol


  6. I read this post earlier and also thought of a hawk. The heroine could keep him tethered to her arm where she could keep an eye on him.
    Failing that, why not a change of gender - the male shape shifter becoming female...hmmm

  7. Tessie you sly girl! I had a shifter blog prepared for later. I love the versatility of a shifter theme and I have two books on the horizon that (hopefully) take a twist on shifters. I love the shifter genre.
    XXOO Kat

  8. Julia
    You're right, I'd have to be very careful to create a bear shifter so it didn't cause the reader to imagine a childhood 'teddy' bear!

    The snake is definitely out - too icky! A wild boar, I don't know. A shark?? The ocean's perfect killing machine? I'd be hard pressed to make that a likeable hero, wouldn't I? You and I will definitely chat.

    A gender shifter - wow, that could put a fierce spin on the genre!!

    I can't wait to read your shifter blog and your shifter books! How crazy is it that again we have similar blog ideas?

    Thanks to everyone for your great thoughts!

  9. Well Tess it should certainly cover all angles!lol Just as well it's fantasy though, because let's face it, in reality; if a man could shape shift into a woman, you'd never get him off the couch!!

  10. Pamela - you are so funny!!! Wouldn't it be a riot to make a guy shift at that certain time of the month?? Or a day when laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping and helping kids with homework all had to be done before dinner hit the table!!

  11. In principle it should be a riot...sigh. In reality; given a sniffle becomes flu, a backache becomes a crushed vertebra and a tummy bug could well mean that he swallowed a tiny sharp object which probably nicked the bowel on the way out...sigh..I fear we'd suffer more when he shifted back! We'd probably be treated to a diatribe about how his special shape shifter metabolism meant that he FELT it SO much more than we ever could!lol

    NB: No man's character was assassinated in the writing of this post.


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