Thursday, September 3, 2009

Where's My Vampire Story?

My father was a movie buff of monumental proportion.

He could, and would, spout random facts from every aspect of the industry. When he talked about a film that particularly moved him, he would become a master story teller, mesmerizing those of us lucky enough to be around to hear. Our family room was decorated with classic movie posters and he would get as excited as a kid to be at the first showing of a new film on any given Friday. We were the first family in our neighborhood to have a VHS player, and my mom swore we were headed to the poor house because my father was hell bent to own every film possible.

One night, my dad came home with Nosferatu, the 1922 silent film. I flopped down on the couch, full of teen angst that our only TV was being commandeered to show such an outdated, did I mention silent, movie. I was riveted, terrified and slept with the lights on for days afterwards. Bela Legosi movies followed, as did those of Christopher Lee; I couldn’t get enough. When the 1979 version of Dracula, starring the ultra-yummy Frank Langella hit the theaters, my Dad and I were at the first showing. I went back and spent my hard earned money four more times that weekend, enthralled by the dark sensuality of the story, the actor, the music and the romance.

I have read and re-read every Ann Rice vampire book. I feel like I know Christine Feehan’s Carpathians personally. Laurell K. Hamilton’s Jean-Claude and Asher have brought me to tears. I’ve devoured countless other vampire tales, watched documentaries on the History Channel and laughed uproariously at the many comedic takes on the vampire character.

When those who know and love me learned I had actually finished a story, many of them assumed it had to be vampire. They know of my obsession, my love of the immortal undead. Why wouldn’t I try my hand at that which intrigues me so?

I have been forced to look deep into myself and admit I’m scared to death at the possibility of sucking at writing the little blood suckers! Oh, I have my hero all drawn out in my head. He is darkly beautiful, ultra-alpha and completely comfortable with who and what he is. But when I sit down at my computer, I simply stare at the blank page. What new spin can I put on the subject matter? What will make him and his story unique? Only time will tell if I can work up the courage to bring my vampire out into the light of day.



  1. Nosferatu... Oh! Best movie EVER for it's time. I think when you're ready... it will come. LOL. That story will burst out of you into a novel one day. Maybe it's like a finely aged wine...waiting for the right time to be poured.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Laurann. It would be just like a vampire to "burst out", wouldn't it!!?

  3. Oh, yeah, girl! I adore hot vampires! Why do we lust after creatures that are so deadly? I shivered over Dracula in all his forms, from the oldest Lagosi film to the newest one with Keanu and Winona and of course, Gary Oldham! And I shivered and twitched and lusted during Queen of the Damned. Stuart Townsend was hot! Oh...did I mention I sort enjoyed the ultra silly Twilight with the extremely odd wire work? Hey...if they smoulder and leer, I'm right there!

  4. Fran, Stuart Townsend was incredibly hot in that movie! I also will admit to enjoying Twilight.

  5. Thats grandpa alright! It was kind of annoying when he watched a movie and talked along with it though!!! But seriously you need to work on a vampire story! I know you can do it and do it right!!! So stop worrying!

  6. Thanks, Sarah. I think both of us get our gift of gab from him! Just remember, when I get to my vampire story, you're going to hear about it so much you'll want to change your cell phone number!

  7. Tessie, I think your Vampire story is flapping straight toward you. Reading your blog made me chuckle because its so close to my story. I used money from my first teen job to watch Frank Langella in the movie theaters several times. I even dragged a girlfriend to see it who "didn't get it." Does anyone remember the 60's vampire soap opera "Dark Shadows" with Barnibus Collins and Angelique? I had a Barnibus Collins doll instead of a Ken doll. My Barbie dated a Vampire!
    For many of us the Vampire was the first wake-up call within us that sexuality had a darker side and that's why it's so popular and so difficult to look into. It takes you right back to the source.
    Tessie I hope your Vampire story hits hard and becomes your opus because its attached to so many emotions and memories-may the Dark Lord take you there! lol
    XXOO Kat

  8. I liked Brad Pitt as a tortured vampire. I just like tortured souls or undead, I guess. Go on Tessie, release your inner vampire!

  9. Kat, you are absolutely right! As a teenager, I was blown away that such a dark character could be so tantalizing! Believe it or not, I also took a very good friend to see the Frank Langella version who didn't understand my fascination. When the lights came on, and she realized I was crying (as I did everytime I watched it) she looked at me like I had lost my mind!

  10. Julia, how could I have forgotten to mention Brad Pitt's portrayal of Louis??? He was marvelous.
    I'm feeling very inspired by everyone's suppotive comments - thanks!

  11. Yes, I ducked it for years, actually stated that the whole vampire thing was getting overdone. A lot of them were brooding and angst ridden. So I wrote a story about a vampire menage a trois called 'Night Moves' where the vampires are cousins, and there's no angst to be seen. Michael's a confident businessman and sweet sexy Nico is a computer tech, that will come out from Ellora's Cave soon. I did a book trailer for it that's up on my blog.
    I signed at the end of July and I'm supposed to get the edits for Night Moves at the end of the month.
    Yours is just waiting for the right inspiration, the right twist to make it unique!

  12. Tessie I wish I had gone to see Frank Langella's Dracula with you! I got ribbed mercilessly by my feminist friend who thought the whole thing was a step backward for womankind.
    Julia's right! How the heck did I forget to mention Brad Pitt? Julia, in the future would you just give me a random phone call now and then and say "Don't forget about Brad Pitt..." Ladies I promise it will never happen again--I will not forget about Brad Pitt. lol

  13. Watched vampire movies but just never could get "comfortable" with the blood-sucking images they portrayed. Now, stories about them portray them in a different light, making them more intriguing and desirable heroes.
    Go for it...write a vampire book!

  14. V.J., I just went to your blog and watched the trailer for Night Moves. I'm sitting here fanning myself frantically! Your books sound fantastic - please keep me updated on your release dates.

  15. Kat, I'm thinking we may be kindred spirits from way back!
    And the whole Brad Pitt oversite is weighing heavily on my mind. How, as a breathing female, could I possibly have forgotten his succulent goodness? I'd be willing to make it up to him if I only knew where to find him, how to get through his security, and hell, Angelina scares the crap out of me! I'll just continue dreaming.

  16. April, you are so right that the vampire character has evolved over the years. They are multi-dimensional; possessed of deep emotions, vulnerabilities, humor, morality - humanity. I just want to eat them up!


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