Friday, September 4, 2009

A Re-introduction...

Hi, I'm Julia Barrett

It's time to reintroduce myself. I have lots going on, some good...some not so good. Some of the good has to do with my career as a romance writer. For instance, Julia Barrett - me - oh I so hate referring to myself in the third person - has had a short story accepted for The Cougar Anthology, coming February 14, 2010, with Logical-Lust Publications. Yay! I wrote my very first short romance and to my great surprise, the editor liked it. I'll be joining nineteen other authors - most of them multi-published and far more experienced in this business than me. I'm pretty dang excited about this, so excited that I've felt confident enough to submit another short story to a different publisher.

The main reason I'm re-introducing myself is because I have an alter-ego...Chana Alexander. I go again with the third writing for Resplendence Publishing. I have a contemporary romance scheduled for release early in 2010, Beauty and the Feast, and a futuristic series coming out next July. Beauty and the Feast is about a private chef and the client she falls in love with. Having worked as a chef, a pastry chef, a private chef and a caterer, and owned a restaurant in one of my lives, writing the book was a blast.

The futuristic romance is entitled Daughters of Persephone. The first installment is two books in one, Exile and Return. The third book in the series, Daughters of Persephone, will stand alone and the title is yet to be determined. Sci fi is one of my favorite genres, but this is my first foray into the future. So, stretching my wings! Hopefully I won't fly too close to the sun. Wish me luck!


  1. Good Morning Julia/Chana!!! Congrats on all of the contracts. You are one busy lady.

  2. Julia/Chana, it's a pleasure to meet all of you. You are full of wonderful surprises. Congratulations on all of your projects, they sound great. It also sounds like you've more than stretched your wings--it sounds like your ready to soar!
    XXOO Kat

  3. Julia/Chana so glad to hear all your exciting news. Lots of projects ahead of you. Congrats on all your success!

  4. Thanks! Now back to the 9-5. Oh, check out my other blog:


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