Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Motivation Needed

A lot has been going on in my life the last few months and I can't seem to shake out of this rut I've found myself in. The dog is healing nicely from his surgery, after a few return visits to the vet. UGH! It's taken me well over 3 months to finish a book that would normally take me one. I'm frustrated with my lack of motivation.

A writing duo I know asked me to look over their story yesterday. They wanted my opinion if it was worthy of Ellora's Cave standards. They only sent the first three chapters and the last. I was very impressed. I hadn't read their work before. One of the lovely ladies has a book out and I have it in my TBR pile. Reading has fallen by the wayside too.

Reading their story sparked the desire to write. I tend to stay away from reading when I'm writing, but it really charged me - temporarily.

On Sunday I sat down and forced myself to start a new story. Having heard good news from one of my publishers - they are interested in a M/M story I submitted. It's my first ever, but I had so much fun writing it. The contract hasn't arrived yet, so I'll have to make a formal announcement at a later date. The story I started on Sunday is another M/M, called Stealing Home. I only managed 108 words. What's that???

This morning I've been plotting a totally different story. I've got the first few scenes worked out in my mind. Now I have to sit down and write it. I'm a panster by all sense of the word, but it feels good to have some direction here.

So, why haven't I started writing? My to-do list is a mile long. I've let things back up big time. Okay, while that's true, it's an excuse. I have no motivation.

HELP!!!!! What do you do when your muse seems to be on an extended vacation?


  1. I can't force things. If the words aren't flowing I leave the computer. I find that reading helps me to get re-excited about writing.

  2. I don't think it's your Muse falling down on the job-I think its the demands of this past summer which where steep! It sounds like you've turned a corner. Best wishes to you Amber I hope autumn will be your catch-up season.
    XXOO Kat
    PS I'm happy to hear about your puppy.

  3. Thanks ladies. You might be right Kat!

  4. Hey, Lady, don't be hard on yourself. You just recuperated from your last surgery in August after several before that.

    Your puppy may be recuperating, but so is your mom.

    It'll will come. Just don't rush it.


  5. I take a break between books, even if it's just for a few days. Sometimes I need a few weeks or a month. Downtime. Essential. Don't worry so much. When you're distracted with real life, it's hard to write. It'll all come back.

  6. My muse usually packs up and goes on sabbatical once a month or so. But she always comes back. Usually with more goodies packed in her bag. LOL!

  7. Ooooh goodies? Hmmm, wonder what she might bring me back. :)

    I just offered to write a Valentine's Day short for Noble Romance. If anyone is looking to something in the range of 7-10k they are looking for M/M and M M/F.

  8. I can't write when the "urge" isn't there. I just wait patiently for the right time to sit in front of the computer and write for hours when motivated. Forcing myself to write produces crap.
    Muses come and go at their own time, and we have to wait for them to nudge us!

  9. Thanks April. I'm hoping she returns real soon.


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