Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ideas Are Plentiful

I had one of the most insane weekends I think I've had to date. It started Friday with birthday party in Boston for my SIL, after I went home to bed until 3:45am when I had to work for a few hours. We had to be at the softball field for 7:30 that morning for two back-to-back games. We grabbed lunch on the way home. When we arrived at home, my daughter and grand daughter were waiting. It was my night to keep her over. So baby T and grandma spent the day running around getting birthday gifts for her mother and father and picking up the last minute stuff for the cookout/birthday party the next day.
Baby T went to bed around 9ish. I'm pretty sure I crashed shortly after. She woke up at 11. My daughter failed to mention that she doesn't like her pack and play. She needs the comfort of a soft mattress. So I had to do the one thing I do not like doing. I slept with her in my guest bed. I raised three children and none of them ever slept in my bed. So here I am kicking aside my own rules for the grand baby. Yes, I'm a pushover.
T woke up bright and early at 6am ready for her bottle. B, promised the baby would go right back to sleep after the bottle. HA! She was ready to play! So grandma and grandpa got up and played. In the process I made salads, cut up meat and got it marinating. Oh, did I mention we had to be back on the ball field at 11? Everything was set up for the party, except the deck. We had it stained the day before and we were still waiting for it to dry. I can't lift heavy things due to a condition(a pleasant one), so I asked the DH to call his friend to get the table and grill back on the deck. He reassured me he would. First mistake! Men lie.
By now baby T is with her mother and I'm off to softball. I grab something to eat and relax for a bit. Games over back home to host a party. Oh wait I picked up one of the cakes on the way home. I wasn't in the door fifteen minutes and the guests started to arrive. YAY! Let the party begin. I don't think the last guest left until almost 10pm when I finally crawled into bed. I woke the next day with a terrible sinus infection, so I did the only thing I could do - I spent the day in bed. Now I'm behind. I took the day off from work to finish my overdue edits on Heat Waves.
I almost forgot it was my day to post. So whats the point of this long boring blog? Well for all the activities I had going on I have various non-fiction article ideas and lots of fun stuff I can add to my fiction books to add a little humor.
My DH has a cousin who is not the most handy person. The stories she told me will surely show up in a future book. Like the time she fell into a floor vent while cleaning. She got stuck and her boyfriend had to tug her out. Or how she hung valances and stuffed them with paper towels and toilet paper. I never laughed so hard at her stories.
Off to finish edits. Hope I didn't bore you too much, but the bottom line is get around people whenever you can. They have such interesting stories to tell.


  1. Amber I'm happy you survived all the "Fun" I was waiting to hear that your guests got stuck to the newly stained deck like fly paper! Please post more bad decorating and home improvement tips from the cousin. Stuffing the Valances with toilet paper is a bold idea especially good if the valances are hanging in the bathroom. Maybe there's a method to the madness? lol
    XXOO Kat

  2. No method to her madness, just clueless! lol Actually a few did get stuck to the deck and the chairs tore it up. We have to redo it. oh well! :)

  3. Did a few flies or a few party guests get stuck to the deck? If it was your party guests for goodness sake scrape them free and let them go home! lol
    XXOO Kat
    PS I must know more about your cousin's home improvement projects. What an entertainment gold mine!

  4. You're lucky you got any rest with that hectic schedule...but sounds like you had fun! Maybe things will settle down now??

  5. How many shoes were stuck to the varnish? Oh, ther trials we go through to keep other happy! LOL! Take an extra day to recuperate.

  6. I'm exhausted just hearing about what you did this weekend!!

  7. Okay Kat, I've let them go. Only because you insisted. I was having fun torturing them, though. ;)

    Just a few Fran. Not too painful.

    Tessie, I was exhausted all over again writing what I did. LOL


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