Monday, September 14, 2009

Food and Sex

Ever notice that some authors talk about food in their books? Eating meals together can make for a very sensual scene when you read about how food is eaten, what's said while eating, and how certain foods seem to stimulate sex drives.

CHOCOLATE. I don't think there's a woman on this planet that doesn't want chocolate and dreams of the tasty warm feeling it makes as it slowly melts in your mouth and slides down your throat. It's an aphrodisiac, a food that spices up a romantic encounter. Don't lovers give their valentines boxes of chocolates on February 14th?

Yes, it's a comfort food and used in times of stress...or anytime the urge strikes. But mix together candlelight, chocolate, and an adoring hero, and how could a heroine avoid rampaging hormones? Feeding each other chocolate, the taste, smell, of it will send your sex drive into overtime.

One of my books (Gone to the Dogs by Marianne Stephens) has a scene with the heroine and date indulging in an ultimate chocolate fantasy splurge...eating at a fondue restaurant and having chocolate fondue as a dessert. From experience, I can tell you that it's the most wonderful tasting adventure I've had. I poured my own feelings into the heroine's scene and made sure she enjoyed every mouthful.

However, this scene didn't lead to any sexual activity for my heroine...her date turned out to be a jerk and she realized it while at dinner. Didn't stop her from enjoying that wonderful tasty chocolate!

Other books I've written have food scenes...some even involve eating during foreplay or using food on various body parts to stimulate sexual cravings. In one book (Gone to the Dogs by Marianne Stephens), I mention using honey. In another (Strip Poker for Two by April Ash), cannoli cream plays an important part in leading my hero and heroine to sexual gratification.

Do you have your heroes and heroines eat sweet treats to heighten sexual arousal? Any favorite foods you indulge in to advance your romantic encounters?

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  1. Food is definitely a sensual turn on. Where is this Chocolate fondue restaurant located? I feel compelled to do my own research... lol
    XXOO Kat

  2. Food for the soul, sex for the soulful body! Your post made me think about my recent works and by golly, half of them have the seduction by food thingie going on. Chocolate is great. Wine is super. Alcohol, well, in limited amounts, right? Just to ensure a loose atmosphere conducive to sensual experiences! Not being blotto! THAT doesn't work.

  3. In addition to interesting things that can be done with specific food items, I think peparing a meal with and/or for someone can be a very bonding, sensual experience.

  4. Fondue restaurant in Kansas City is called "The Melting Pot". Don't know if they're part of a chain. Appetizer, main course, and dessert are all served using a fondue pot. Can't eat for days after!
    Wine is also something I used in all my books, now that you mentioned it.
    Heating up the kitchen together while cooking definitely can lead to something besides eating!

  5. In a book where all the senses (taste, smell, feel, and desire) are heightened, it seems to bring out the lust factor quickly. The only things my h/h eat in my books think you know... LOL!

  6. chocolate and strawberries sounds like a nice romantic treat for both parties to enjoy. Nothing beats a picnic in bed with strawberries and chocolate or whipped cream. susan L.

  7. Food is a sensual experience so it's a natural in romance. And if chocolate is involved, I'm always up for some interesting research;-)


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