Sunday, September 20, 2009

Can you handle 2 partners at once? 3? 4?

Oh, yum. Could I actually handle 3 men at once?

I am working on it.


All those hands and mouths, fingers, eyes and other accoutrement. Delish.

But what kills me when I write it is the choreography. And which man has what special talent so that you needn't quote his name, rank and serial number every time that fine man moves or speaks or...does other interesting things.

HOW DO YOU KEEP YOUR MEN/Partners separate in your mind?

I would love to hear about this one!

Join me! Tell all!


  1. Well...if I ever get three men to hold still long enough for me to use them, I'll let you know, dear. LOL! I can't even get ahold of one nowadays!

  2. Cerise, I LOVE writing menage! Figuring out who goes where and how provides hours of entertainment. My hubby, who heads my Research and Development department, constantly has to remind me to mind the laws of gravity!

  3. I have never delved into the world of menage and doubt I will for the reason you mentioned - it's hard enough to keep one man one woman straight!

  4. Julia! I tend to think like you! I had the hardest time with the choreography...but now that I've mastered that, I am in for a few men more!!!!

  5. I think we should apply for a grant to examine this matter in greater depth, slowly and throughly exploring the ins and outs of menage and remaining open to anything open... lol
    XXOO Kat

  6. Kat, You have the most splendid solution....
    Consider me on board for that!

  7. Count me in on that grant, too! I haven't written a menage, but doing research so I could figure out how to adequately cover one in a book sounds like a good idea.
    Right now, I have enough to do just going through positions of bodies/body parts for lovemaking scenes!

  8. LOL! I just got a post-FLE edit on my book that's coming out Friday! The FLE asked how the hell it was possible for two males to be inside one female without gobs of lube. Oooops. I did a five-word rewrite and shipped it back. I realized I had overstepped the bounds of physical reality there. Anyway, now you know one more thing that's in my naughty, very baaaaad book.

  9. FRAN! I am chuckling here. Funny how that stuff can mess you up. And how it can make you narrow your eyes and grit your teeth, saying OUCH.

  10. Julia - While I've read many stories like this, I've yet to try my hand at one. I'm too afraid. LOL Two I can do, but throw in another and oh boy I'm lost.


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