Sunday, September 27, 2009

Back in time? What's the best erotic fantasy?

As I add to my contemporary romantica with my new medieval romantica in 1207 England in the reign of King John, I want to have a show of hands on when you find the most delicious erotica fantasies? Now or earlier?
I am finding that I can move easily--and have enjoyed the diversity. It is that old major in English (and Oriental) history in college and grad school. But the beliefs and practices don't always translate as equally well.
Language is one example. A lot of those 4-letter words we use as authors to provide drama and reality to our contemporary novels, just did not exist in 1207. I had to find powerful synonyms. NOT EASY!
Then, too, birth control for responsible sex was not a practice. Withdrawing was the only cure for that, sweetie. Sure, the Chinese used lemon rinds and juice from about 200 B.C.E. But condoms? Not until the 16th century in Europe do we have use of goat skin as French Letters.
Another aspect of medieval beliefs that I know you will smile over is that those who lived in those centuries thought that a woman who got pregnant showed the proof of her enjoyment of sex.
And as we all know, only men were considered the ones who could be virile and potent.
Woman, sigh and alas, was only the vessel.
THANK GOODNESS, times have changed!
Hope you have read HER THREE-WAY MERGER from EC and will look for the first of my medieval series, Swords of Passion, titled AT HER SERVICE out Nov. 30 from TOTAL-E-BOUND. (P.S. Off to a week of family fun as we head up to Chicago for a family wedding! Writing here again Oct.11!!!!)


  1. I'm a big history buff, not especially romance but I love Sharon Kay Penman's works -historical fiction. I think there were ancient cultures that did use condoms...just can't remember which ones. I'll have to figure this out now. Fun post!

  2. JULIA, I adore Penman's works too. One about Joanna, King John's daughter and her hubbie Llewellyn was superb. Just recently loaned it out to a friend. I am a history junkie, too!

  3. Cerise, I'm a history junkie too. I so admire you for being able to take your expertise and translate the human element of it into an erotic story. I've not attempted anything thing in the medieval time frame. Yes, birth control and other issues would have been a moot point in the 13th century world but I'm sure it didn't stop people from lusting after each other and taking risks. When life was difficult and so short there's such poignancy in giving in to it. I wish you lots of success with your "Swords of Passion" series it sounds wonderful!
    XXOO Kat

  4. Some of my favorite female characters are from historical romances. I love reading about smart, passionate women having to make their way in times where it was really a man's world.

  5. And, even back in any century, I bet it was a woman's job to seek out birth control, when invented. I love regency romances and reading about proper ladies who were naughty devils in disguise!


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